Onboarding Resources

The following documents and resources supplement the Design Guidelines outlined in this section of the Great Rivers Greenway website and provide additional guidance to inform the design of future greenway projects:

  • Design Plan Checklist: Great Rivers Greenway strives to produce contract ready error free plans. To that end, this document was created to provide guidance and ensure quality through the entire design process.
  • Level of Care Guidelines: This document establishes the standard level of care that we strive to achieve throughout our network of greenways and outlines the operational expectations we have for our maintenance partners.
  • Environmental Graphics: Great Rivers Greenway has created an environmental graphics toolkit that can be used to enhance greenway user experience and build greater brand awareness.
  • Brand Standards: This document provides guidance in how to represent the Great Rivers Greenway brand and includes information about color, typography and suggested messaging voice and style.
  • Community Engagement Strategy: This document describes strategies, core values and best practices to lay out a roadmap for how to engage the community in a meaningful way.
  • Interpretive Strategy: This document is meant to provide a framework for developing interpretive and storytelling opportunities throughout our network of greenways.
  • GIS mapping data: Use this portal and files to see what’s built and what’s planned.
  • Exterior Sign Design Standards: This document provides information about each of the wayfinding sign types installed along newly constructed greenways.
  • Exterior Signage JSP: covers all custom sign work per Great Rivers Greenway Exterior Sign design standards.
  • Exterior Signage Documents: Includes artwork templates for all the various sign types in the Great Rivers Greenway wayfinding array.
  • Public Art Guidelines: This document provides guidance on the many opportunities for public art on greenways.

The plans and reports at the following link summarize studies of regional issues that greenways can impact with many recommended steps forward for positive change. Highly recommend reading and digesting these to understand this region and our possibility for collaboration.

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