Turf lawn should be used sparingly and where appropriate in areas outside of the required turf shoulder.

Turf provides excellent surface for active recreation or more passive activities such as dog-walking. In areas, where the need for flexibility of programming does not allow for the establishment of permanent native meadow (an area used occasionally for event overflow parking, for example) high-mow turf can be used as an alternative.

  • Sod is preferred in areas of high visibility or where there are specific concerns for establishment.
  • Seed is generally preferred. Hydroseeding with tackifiers is preferred. For standard seeing, straw mats or other measures should be utilized to prevent seed migration.
  • For sod or seed, watering will be critical to establishment.
  • Turf will be mown weekly depending on level of care requirements.
  • High mow-turf will be mowed on a monthly or bi-monthly frequency.

PREFERRED SPECIES: Turf-type tall fescue

  • Other turf-grass species may be considered where conditions require it.
  • Buffalo grass sod could provide a lower maintenance alternative to traditional turf grass, particularly in areas where a high-mow lawn is appropriate.

High mow turf maintenance can be utilized in turf areas where there are little to no recreation activities, where local regulations allow such maintenance. This type of maintenance involves mowing turf areas on monthly or bi-monthly frequency, as opposed to a traditional weekly or bi-weekly basis.