Your Event on a Greenway

Greenways are great places for all types of programs, events and activities – whether it’s an outdoor dance with friends, a book club with your coworkers, a hula hooping contest with your classmates, a birthday party for your grandmother, or a casual stroll with your neighbors! Some greenway spaces are great for large events like a reunion with 100 of your family members. Others are better for a small gathering such as a picnic with a few friends. Others are great for telling your buddy, “Hey, let’s meet here to go for a walk/jog/bike ride/wheelchair roll/stroller roll/rollerblade roll!”

Segments of greenways are operated and maintained by various partners, and some may require a permit to host your event in a space such as a pavilion. All 100+ places are listed below, both in a map and in a table (that can be filtered!), and click on the links next to each greenway location to learn more about getting a permit or reserving a space. There are three spaces operated by Great Rivers Greenway. To apply for a permit to reserved one of these spaces for your event, click on the Special Event Application link below.


Old Chain of Rocks Bridge

The bridge spans the Mississippi River and was part of the historic Route 66. Located off of Riverview Drive south of I-270. Improvements to this site were completed in spring 2024.

Special Event Application

Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing

This historic site is part of the Underground Railroad. Located on the Mississippi Greenway (Riverfront Trail) 1/8 mile south of the end of East Prairie Ave.

Special Event Application

Katherine Ward Burg Garden

This site opened in 2023 as a place to enjoy views of the Mississippi River, passing trains, and the Eads Bridge. Located at Lucas Ave. and N. 1st St.

Special Event Application

Please note that most (but not all) pavilions, restrooms and drinking fountains are available to use April through October. To confirm availability, contact the operating partner.

Legend for Map:

Red Markers = Greenway spaces great for large events (over 100 people) – spaces available for reservation

Orange Markers = Greenway spaces great for medium events (50-100 people) – spaces available for reservation

Yellow Markers = Greenway spaces great for small events (less than 50 people) – spaces available for reservation

Green Markers = Greenway spaces great for small gatherings like a picnic with a few friends – spaces may not be available for reservation

Blue Markers = Greenway spaces great for meeting folks to go explore a greenway – spaces may not be available for reservation and do not have shelter

Filter the list below by clicking the boxes that meet your criteria.

Find an Event Space Along a Greenway