Walls are used both as free standing and as retaining conditions throughout the trail system.

Modular walls are low cost options and provide additional flexibility when the trail is being constructed in wooded or natural areas, where access for concrete trucks may be limited. Wall-cap may need to be re-adhered during the life span of the wall.

  • Railings or guardrails should be placed immediately behind the retaining wall with a hard surface beneath not turf.
  • Wall texture, color, and pattern should be considered carefully as part of the visual environment of the greenway. Where possible, selection should match or be compatible with previously constructed walls along a given greenway.
  • Required wall camber needs to be carefully considered, particularly in areas with limited space.
  • Ensure that cap is very well adhered to top of wall.

Modular and CMU walls are available in a variety of options, from rectilinear geometric units to units that appear to be natural boulders. When choosing a product, the character of each wall should be consistent with the character of the trail that is being designed.


COMPONENTS: Click below for more information on each component.

1) Railing or Fence

2) CMU/Modular Retaining Wall

3) Primary Trail Surfacing