Board & Staff

Great Rivers Greenway’s Board of Directors is comprised of members from St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County – representing the three jurisdictions we serve, and appointed by the executive of the city or county they represent.

The board meets monthly at the Great Rivers Greenway office. For additional information on these public meetings, click here.

President: Bernie DuBray, St. Charles County
Vice President: Phyllis Young, City of St. Louis
Treasurer: Monica Huddleston, St. Louis County
Secretary: Carol Klein, St. Louis County

Dionne Flowers, St. Louis City

Jennifer George., St. Charles County

Neal Perryman, St. Louis City

Rob Epstein, St. Louis County

Glenn Powers, St. Louis County

James Hall, St. Louis County

Chuck Gross, St. Charles County

[vacant], St. Louis County


Susan Trautman
Chief Executive Officer
Susan, our fearless leader, has literally been building parks since childhood. Her credentials and past positions are plentiful, she is active with MPRA and NRPA, and loves to take hiking trips. Click the globe below for her full bio.
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Michelle Bock
Chief Operating Officer
Michelle oversees the operations of our build, promote and sustain teams. She's an avid runner, budding cyclist and fan of the greenways. Dessert is her favorite meal and she's always got a song in her head. On weekends, she loves to read and spend time with her family.
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Kevin Miller
Chief Development Officer
Kevin leads our fundraising efforts to help support the greenways. He’s a proud father and husband. He fuels our team thanks to his skills as a baker of delicious cookies and muffins. On weekends, you’ll find him riding his bike around the greenways.
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Todd Antoine
Chief of Planning & Projects
Todd has been instrumental to the organization since the very early years. He loves the Whitaker Concert Series at the Missouri Botanical Garden and anything with blueberries.
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Michael Carson
Director of Finance & Administration
Mike leads our finance team. His experience in finance, construction and non-profit accounting helps him safeguard our assets and protect your investment in the greenways. He's an avid runner--typically on Grant’s Trail in the Gravois Greenway. He also smokes a mean brisket!
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Emma KIues
Vice President of Communications & Outreach
Emma's background with nonprofit organizations, a summer camp and a marketing agency help her to lead Team Promote, communicating updates and encouraging people to live life outside. She's a big fan of exploring, volunteering and eating her way around St. Louis!
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Beth Behrns
Finance and Administration Manager
Beth takes care of the day-to-day activities of finance and administration. She is meticulous in her bookkeeping, but a pushover when it comes to her three beloved dogs! They all enjoy walks along the Gravois Greenway.
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Barbara Bernthal
Executive Assistant
Barb keeps us all on track. She is the caffeine fiend and calendar queen. Her skills are many - from working a helium tank to baking delicious treats.
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Lonny Boring
Senior Project Manager
Lonny manages many of our major projects, like the transformation of the Arch grounds and surrounding areas. We love when his adorable pup makes an appearance at events!
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Tiffany Clinton
Administrative Assistant
Tiffany keeps the daily flow of people moving efficiently through our office. She's also an enthusiastic cheerleader for the greenways! On the weekends, you'll find her in the kitchen or exploring St. Louis with her family and her son.
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Shaughnessy Daniels
Community Engagement Manager
Shaughnessy engages people, neighborhoods, and partners across the region so everyone has a voice in our projects. A daily walk--rain or shine--is at the top of her to do list. Don't be surprised if you see her on a greenway near you!
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Ben Grossman
Director of Greenway Operations
Ben takes care of the greenways, putting his know-how and team to work to ensure an excellent experience throughout the district. He also brews beer and excels at humming or whistling a catchy tune around the office.
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Angelica Gutierrez
Project Manager
Angelica builds greenways and oversees the Gateway Bike Plan. As an industrial engineer, she juggles tasks with the greatest of ease. She also plays a mean game of ping pong! On the weekends, you'll find her living life outside with her husband and two daughters.
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Tina Heischmidt
Tina helps keep our finances in order. Summer is her favorite season and she loves nothing more than a day outside by the pool with her family and friends. She’s a big Cardinals fan and can still catch and throw a softball with the best of them!
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Susan Jankowski
Greenway Operations Supervisor
Susan cares for the greenways in St. Louis & St. Charles counties. She's at her best when she's working outside! On weekends, you'll find her in a park or greenway with her family. Her go-to is the River des Peres Greenway.
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Anne Milford
Communications Coordinator
Anne writes it all down, assisting with PR and storytelling, social media and anything else we need! She loves spending time with her family, spoiling her dogs and frequenting the Gravois Greenway (Grant's Trail).
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Sarah Olmstead
Greenway Operations Supervisor
Sarah helps take care of the greenways. When the weekend rolls around she loves to take her 4 younger siblings on an outdoor adventure. Her hidden talent? Transforming wooden pallets into yard art and sculpture!
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Karen Schleicher
Development Coordinator
Karen coordinates the day-to-day activities of the Great Rivers Greenway Foundation. It’s a perfect fit for someone who loves to live life outside! If she’s not gardening, hiking or riding a bike, you’ll find her at a concert at one of our region’s fabulous parks.
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Tom Schweiss
Conservation Program Manager
Tom helps take care of the greenways, whether it's planning for habitat or coordinating a volunteer work day with partners. He’s never without a smile and his hidden talent is lawnmower ballet. He and his wife and kiddos are happiest when they are spending time outside.
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Elizabeth Simons
Community Program Manager
Elizabeth engages the community with programs and events. She's done it all around here and always with a smile! She's a world traveler who loves riding her bike.
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Michael Steinlage
Project Manager
Michael is a world traveler (30 countries & counting!) and self-proclaimed "National Park Nerd.” He brings everything he's seen and learned in parks and cities around the world to plan and build new greenways! Look for him on the Meramec Greenway with his new puppy, Wilson.
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Seth Treptow
Communications Manager
Seth is a communications jack of all trades with a penchant for analytics and a passion for graphic design. He is a serial hobbyist whose varied interests include brewing beer and making the occasional bizarre short film.
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Mark Vogl
Project Manager, Planning
Mark plans greenways and helps lead our strategic planning efforts, too. He spearheads our GIS, mapping and staff potlucks so he is a critical teammate!
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Sheryll Williams
Outreach & Visitor's Center Coordinator
Sheryll spreads the word about Great Rivers Greenway. She's a pro at using public transit and a bicycle to get around - you've probably seen her at events or out on the greenways!
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Arlene Martin
Outreach Specialist
Tom Knaup
Outreach Specialist
Linda Paunicka
Outreach Specialist