Stormwater Ponds and Wetlands- recommendations

Stormwater ponds and wetlands are generally either deep or shallow depressions with pretreatment basins and water level controls which provide storage and treatment for stormwater runoff.

Stormwater ponds (Wet detention basins) have a permanent pool of water and native plant life. They can have a combination of permanent pool, extended detention or shallow wetland. Stormwater ponds provide more significant water quality benefits than dry basins because they hold water longer. Stormwater wetlands include significant shallow wetland areas and can incorporate small permanent pools or extended detention storage. Stormwater wetlands contain more wetland native plants than stormwater ponds and also provide fish and wildlife habitat. Stormwater ponds and wetlands provide water quality treatment, channel protection storage, peak flood detention storage. They are distinct from rain gardens in that they are generally much larger stormwater management facilities and function to provide stormwater management on a regional scale.

See GRG Levels of Care document.

Stormwater ponds and wetlands use native plant material and designed soil mixes to store and treat stormwater runoff.