In much of a given trail alignment, this trail cross section should be utilized.

The trail profile, width and placement have been considered to create a great user experience, while also providing a safe and long-lasting trail. It is important that the trail be designed to provide adequate drainage at all times, and the trail should be constructed slightly higher than the surrounding grade, see dimensions below.

  • Use this cross section for typical trail locations on undisturbed or stable soils.
  • Use in areas where surface drainage will remain largely unaffected by trail.
  • Slightly elevated trail surface to ensure positive drainage.
  • Rating for typical maintenance and emergency vehicles, may need to increase base and pavement thickness as required for additional loading requirements. Loading should be coordinated with appropriate agencies and utility providers as required.
  • Geosynthetics should be used to provide additional reinforcement to the trail base, as required.
  • A 3’-0” level shoulder (including concrete header) is desired for added safety of trail users.


COMPONENTS: Click below for more information on each component.

1) Primary Trail Surfacing

2) Stormwater Control Swale

3) Trail Shoulder