Life Outside Challenge

Do 20 of the 40 activities to earn a prize!

Life Outside Challenge July - September 2020

2020 marks 20 years since our region voted to invest in a sales tax to connect the region with greenways. So let’s celebrate! While we can’t have our normal programs and events right now, YOU can still live life outside on your own or with others in your household. There are 40 activities to choose from – you do 20 of them and you earn a bag full of goodies (Live Life Outside tote bag, reflective snap bracelet, packet of native wildflower seeds, water bottle, greenway map).

Plus, 5 people will be drawn randomly each month to win a bigger Picnic Prize Pack, with a picnic basket, blanket, outdoor speaker and $50 in gift cards for local takeout!

Click on any box to make it bigger or click here to view all 40 on one page.


YOU! The challenge is open to anyone to do on your own or with people you live with.


Do at least 20 of the 40 activities to earn your prize and be entered to win even more!


July 1 – September 30 (we’ll have 2 prize pickup days after each month)


Complete your challenges on the greenways, in a park or just near your home.


FUN! Our festivals may not be possible this year but you can still Live Life Outside.


Report your adventures below. Feel free to share on social too: #LifeOutsideChallenge

Helpful hints:

  • There are 128 miles of greenways throughout St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and St. Charles County where you can explore and enjoy the outdoors and live life outside.
  • Leave items in nature where you found them.
  • Leave no trace (properly dispose of waste).
  • You can opt to use technology such as the iNaturalist app for identifying plants and animals or i-Tree for measuring the benefits of trees.
  • Click here for full drawing rules.


When you’ve done at least 20, report in here to earn your prize:

Mission Accomplished!