Checkpoints during the construction process should be clearly defined and coordinated prior to construction commencing.

For on-site reviews, it is critical that reviews are conducted in a timely manner. The designer should review the work within 24 hrs of notice of completion. Contractor is to communicate any schedule changes to the designer. It is important that designer and contractor work together to keep the project schedule.

Layout review

  • Designer to review staking and layout of trail centerline prior to grading and excavation. Layout/ centerline to be adjusted if needed in coordination with contractor and client on site.

Submittal logs

  • Prior to installation, all submittals are to be reviewed and approved prior to procurement and installation.

Mock-up reviews

Rebar reviews

Concrete formwork reviews

  • Designer to review concrete formwork before any finish concrete work in installed. Review should ensure finish concrete will meet design intent and quality expectations.

Mass grading review

  • Designer to review rough earthwork/ grading prior to the placement of pavements and structures.

Fine grading review

  • Designer to review fine grading prior to placement of any sod, turf seed, or meadow seeding.

Tree/ plant layout review

  • Trees and plants in high visibility areas should be placed in their containers in the locations indicated on drawings prior to installation. Designer should be present to review the layout of plant material and adjustments should be made as necessary.

Final review/ punch list, prior to substantial completion.

  • Designer to review consistency and layout of proposed pavement edge, and require adjustments as needed.
  • Designer to review proposed pavement grading.
  • Designer to review drainage.
  • Designer to review expansion joint layout.
  • Designer to review plant materials.