What is a greenway?

Greenways are outdoor spaces connecting people & places. Each greenway is unique, reflecting the character of the communities it connects. They typically include 4 elements:

Trail Itself

Trails are where you can take a walk, go for a run, ride a bike or just get some fresh air. These are almost always paved and accessible for all.


Conservation projects maintain healthy habitats & watersheds, such as rain gardens, native plants, restored prairies, wetlands & floodplains.


Amenities like restrooms, water fountains, benches, bike racks, signage, parking & playgrounds help make your experience enjoyable.


Connections to businesses, neighborhoods, transit, jobs, schools, rivers, creeks, parks and conservation areas let you explore!

Greenways benefit our personal well-being directly.

Greenways have a lot of individual benefits – they connect you to where you need to go and let you explore new places, too. Whether it’s a daily walking commute to the Metro or a leisurely weekend bike ride with your family, greenways give you options to be healthy and active.

The network of greenways strengthens our civic well-being now and for the future.

Greenway projects protect land so it can safely flood and restores the health of watersheds and habitats while engaging people to learn about and help take care of our natural resources.

The tax dollars are reinvested into local companies and individuals and organizations and the greenways make St. Louis an attractive, vibrant and competitive place to live work, play and visit.

Greenways also connect our communities literally and figuratively in new ways – people begin to think differently about their region, how to explore it and how to meet their neighbors. Hundreds of partners work together and get creative about collaboration and having such an amazing asset boosts our civic pride.

Check out the 125 miles (and counting!) of greenways built so far for you to explore and enjoy:

Looking for info on a greenway that’s not built yet? That’s on our Projects page!