Where the trail will be placed alongside a roadway, special considerations must be made to promote a safe and comfortable experience for trail users.

  • This cross section should be used where trail is to run parallel to roadway.
  • The design of this cross section focuses on promoting a high level of safety and comfort for trail users along roadways.
  • Trail grading to slope towards roadway where feasible.
  • Buffer elements, such as tree and vertical plantings, are highly desirable to separate trail and roadway. See Trail Shoulder Standards for standard treatments based on available shoulder widths.
  • Sheetflow of runoff to roadway gutter/stormwater system may be acceptable where road commission agrees. Otherwise, designers should provide a permanent stormwater BMP in buffer if feasible where right-of-way allows.
  • Where there is significant demand for pedestrian access across buffer, consider paved connections between trail and roadway. BMP design should always provide accommodations for pedestrian connections (See Trail with BMP).
  • Strip existing topsoil for reuse in finished grading.
  • Along roadway, tree soil volume needs may require use of structural cells or structural soil. Root barrier may also be required. See Trees.


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1) Primary Trail Surfacing

2) Trail Shoulder

3) Stormwater BMP