Connections between different greenway trails and between greenway trails and sidewalks should be designed to accommodate bicycle turning movements and serve as a visual transition between connections.

Concrete pavement is preferred for these connections.

  • To be used this for points of connection where the trail is to intersect with another trail, sidewalk, or point of access.
  • 10’-0” radii typical at connection point.
  • Incorporation of benches, signage, bike racks, waste receptacles, etc. as needed.
  • Utilize space between trail connection radii for site amenity placement and wayfinding.
  • Bollards may be required if vehicle access is a concern.
  • While other configurations such as “Y” intersections may be desired or needed, it is preferable to limit the overall amount of pavement in order to keep costs low and simplify user interactions and turning movements.

Plan Diagram

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1) Primary Trail Surfacing (Concrete Header Optional)

2) Primary Trail Surfacing – Concrete