Greenway Openings 2023

Brickline Greenway: Pillars of the Valley at CITYPARK

The Brickline Greenway at CITYPARK opened February 19, 2023. This segment stretches between 20th and 22nd streets and includes Pillars of the Valley- Damon Davis’ permanent art installation that pays tribute to the historic Black Mill Creek Valley neighborhood. Construction of the next .75 mile segment from 22nd street to connect to Harris Stowe State University is expected to begin in 2024.



Mississippi Greenway: Katherine Ward Burg Garden

St. Louis’ newest open space—Katherine Ward Burg Garden—is a one-half acre plaza on Laclede’s Landing directly north of the Eads Bridge. It features stepped terraces, curving seat walls, native plants and trees, a unique trellis and even a couple of swings. It’s a great place to meet friends, have a picnic or just watch the river roll by.




Centennial Greenway in St. Charles

While this project consists of just two small greenway segments (together less than a mile total), the magic is in the new connections! By extending the Centennial Greenway to Schaefer Park and other nearby trails, it makes it possible to walk or ride bikes on dedicated walking and biking paths all the way from the St. Peters Rec-Plex to the Katy Trail (via Hemsath Road) as well as other parks, neighborhoods, libraries, schools and businesses along the way!  We’ve also added wayfinding signage along the new trail recently completed by the City of St. Peters on McClay Rd.




Deer Creek Greenway in Brentwood

This project  is a part of the City of Brentwood’s $80 million Brentwood Bound plan to improve Manchester Road, reduce problems caused by Deer Creek flooding, and expand the Deer Creek Greenway. The City of Brentwood hosted a community celebration on June 3.  We hope you can come out and see the new Brentwood Park, trails and walking and biking connection beneath Manchester Rd for yourself!

Construction to extend the Deer Creek Greenway from Marshall Rd along the east side of Brentwood Blvd to connect to these new trails is underway! Work is expected to be complete in December 2024.


Meramec Greenway: I-44 Bridge

This separated walking and biking path over the Meramec River on the new I-44 bridge is partnership at its finest! The cities of Kirkwood, Sunset Hills and Fenton worked with Great Rivers Greenway and Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) to make this connection a reality. It includes a walking and biking path on the bridge and connections on both sides of the river- a total of about a half mile.   The connection to the bridge on the west side links to the Meramec Greenway along Yarnell Road in Fenton and on the east side to Stoneywood Drive (by Emmeneger Park) in Kirkwood. There’s also a new parking lot, picnic tables and bike racks on the Kirkwood side.




St. Vincent Greenway: Rock Road Transit Center to St. Vincent County Park

This .83 mile stretch of greenway will connect the Rock Road Transit Center and existing greenway in St. Vincent County Park. (Second of three projects to close the gap on the St. Vincent Greenway!)  It has been built in coordination with MoDOT’s St. Charles Rock Road improvements project with a goal of creating a safe, accessible walking and biking path on the northern side of the road. It includes multiple traffic safety improvements for people walking and biking such as green paint at intersections and new crosswalks.



St. Vincent Greenway in Wellston

The new half-mile extension of the St. Vincent Greenway in Wellston is complete! It is the first of three projects that will close the gap on the St. Vincent Greenway. There’s also a new small park with a water fountain, benches and bike racks next to Engelholm Creek. It’s a great space to sit and relax, meet a friend, or connect with nature.



Centennial Greenway in Olivette

We’ve partnered with the City of Olivette to build an extension of the Centennial Greenway through Olivette so people can connect on foot, bicycle, stroller, and wheelchair to Warson Park, the new Olivette Community Center, Indian Meadows Park, and the Olive Blvd. stores and restaurants. This project will be completed in four different segments. Improvements to the Olive/I-170 interchange are complete.  This includes  safety enhancements at the four crosswalks on the I-170 exit and entrance ramps, push button signals that will be timed to allow people to easily cross the intersection,  and a mural under the I-170 bridge.

The new greenway in Warson Park and new Olivette Community Center “Five Oaks on Warson are complete! We celebrated both of these new amenities with the City of Olivette on Sunday November 5. Construction to extend the greenway from Warson Park to Indian Meadows Park and Dielman Road will begin in early 2024.