Centennial Greenway: Olive to Warson Park


Project Overview:

Great Rivers Greenway and the City of Olivette are partnering to build an extension of the Centennial Greenway through Olivette so that people can connect on foot, bicycle, stroller, and wheelchair to Warson Park, the new Olivette Community Center, Indian Meadows Park, and the Olive Blvd. stores and restaurants.

This project will extend the Centennial Greenway linking Shaw Park to Olive Blvd near I-170 two miles further west to Warson Park.  When complete, there will be a greenway connection linking Clayton, Ladue, University City and Olivette.

The greenway construction supports actions identified in the Olivette Bike and Walk Plan, the Olivette Parks Master Plan, and the Great Rivers Greenway long-term master plan for this greenway – a 17-mile corridor stretching between Forest Park in the City of St. Louis to Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park in St. Louis County. This project will be developed in multiple phases. As of 2023, the project is set to be completed in four different segments:

» Warson Park

» Indian Meadows Park

» Railroad segment

» Olive and I-170 improvements

Project Location:

This greenway will extend from the existing Centennial Greenway near I-170 and Olive Blvd. It will continue east along Olive Blvd, and north along a former railroad line before crossing Dielman Rd near Napoleon Blvd. The greenway will follow the River Des Peres to pass through Indian Meadows Park and connect to Warson Park and the new Olivette Community Center.


Project Partners:

Project Status


Greenway construction in Warson Park is wrapping up! We’ll celebrate the completion of this segment of the greenway and the new Community Center with our partners at the City of Olivette on November 5!  Improvements   to the Olive/I-170 interchange within the Missouri Department of Transportation Right of Way are almost done too! The  improvements in this area include safety enhancements at the four crosswalks on the I-170 exit and entrance ramps, high visibility pavement markings, pedestrian push button crossing signals (that will be timed to allow people walking, riding a bike or using a wheelchair to cross through the entire intersection), and a mural under the I-170 bridge. We will be breaking ground on the connection to Indian Meadows Park later this fall.


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Centennial Greenway in Olivette Updates

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  • 2018 – Great Rivers Greenway and the City of Olivette worked with community members to study the area and identify the preferred route for the future greenway
  • 2019 – Greenway phases were identified for further planning and design
  • 2020 – Olivette community members provided input to guide the greenway design from Warson Park to Dielman Road
  • 2020 – Great Rivers Greenway and the City of Olivette met with neighbors who live next to the future greenway to address any concerns in the greenway design such as including new fencing and landscaping
  • Summer 2021 – Greenway design completed from Warson Park to Dielman Road and along Olive Blvd. near I-170
  • Fall 2021 – Greenway construction began in Warson Park in coordination with the construction of the Olivette Community Center
  • 2022-2023 – Greenway construction will continue from Warson Park to Dielman Road and along Olive Blvd. near I-170 in coordination with Olive Crossing
  • 2023-Improvements to Olive/I-170 and new mural
  • 2024- Construction of segment in Indian Meadows Park will be completed
  • 2024-2025 – Greenway will be designed and built from Dielman Road to Olive Blvd.


Project News