Walking and Biking Connection to I-44 Bridge

Project Overview:
The Cities of Kirkwood, Sunset Hills and Fenton are working with Great Rivers Greenway and Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) on the trail connections to a dedicated walking and biking path that will be built on the north side of the new westbound I-44 bridge over the Meramec River, just west of Highway 270. The three communities agreed to fund the connections to the bridge on either side of the river, while Missouri Department of Transportation and Great Rivers Greenway is funding the structure of the walking and biking path on the bridge. The walking and biking bridge is complete and construction is wrapping up on the connections from the bridge down to the ground.

Project Location:
North side of new I-44 bridge westbound bridge over the Meramec River just west of Highway 270. The connection to the bridge on the west side will link to the Meramec Greenway along Yarnell Road and Stoneywood Drive on east side.

Project Partners:
City of Kirkwood
City of Sunset Hills
City of Fenton
Great Rivers Greenway
Missouri Department of Transportation

Project Status

The walking and biking path structure on the bridge is complete. Construction of the trail connections from the bridge to the ground on both sides of the river is almost done. Depending on the weather, construction is expected to be complete in early 2023. Stay tuned for updates on a celebration with project partners.


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Did you know that this section of the Meramec Greenway will connect to regionally significant places such as the banks of the Meramec River? What stories do you know about this place? Share them at www.GreatRiversGreenway.org/ShareYourStory or by calling 314-932-4904.

All of the rain that falls in this area drains into the Meramec River and flows into the Mississippi River and out to the Gulf of Mexico. Our actions – like littering trash or picking it up – impact the water quality in our community and downstream. Trees and other native plants along the river help to filter out sediment in the water, reduce flood damage, prevent erosion, and provide food and shelter for wildlife.

You can protect life in the waterways in our community and downstream by keeping pollution out of these watery places that many animals and plants call home. If you see litter on the ground, you can pick it up and put it in the correct trash or recycling bin before it gets into a waterway. You can plant a tree or rain garden that will help you in your effort to remove pollutants from our water. You can also prevent pollution released from vehicles by carpooling, walking, and bicycling more and encouraging your friends, family, and neighbors to do the same.