St. Vincent Greenway: Trojan Park to Robert L. Powell Place


Project Overview:

This is one of three projects that will connect the northern and southern sections of the existing St. Vincent Greenway. It will extend the greenway an additional .53 miles from its current endpoint at Trojan Park on Etzel Avenue to Robert L. Powell Place in Wellston.


Project Location:

The greenway will extend north from Trojan Park along Stephen Jones Avenue and west to the intersection of Plymouth and Sutter Avenues. The expanded greenway will include a small “pocket park” at Plymouth and Stephen Jones that will overlook new native plantings along the banks of Engeholm Creek. Heading west on Plymouth Ave, the greenway will connect with St. Louis County’s MET Center, STL VentureWorks, and Metro’s Wellston MetroLink Station. The trail also features a MetroBus stop with improved seating located near the MetroLink tracks.


Project Partners:

  • Great Rivers Greenway
  • City of Wellston
  • St. Louis Economic Development Partnership
  • Bi-State Development Agency (Metro)
  • Mysun Charitable Foundation

Project Status


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Current Status:

Construction of the .53 mile expansion from Trojan Park is complete!  Join us for a Community Celebration on Saturday August 5, 2023! Find all event details here.