Brickline Greenway: Fairground Park to Grand Center

Brickline Greenway: Fairground Park to Grand Center


Project Overview

Great Rivers Greenway, the City of St. Louis and many partners (below) are collaborating to build a segment of the Brickline Greenway so that people can connect on foot, by bicycle, stroller, and/or wheelchair to destinations like Fairground Park, shops and businesses, nonprofit organizations, churches, schools and community centers, to the Grand Center Arts District, along with mass transit (the #70 Grand bus is the most used in the system).


Some of Our Project Partners:

  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Community members
  • Donors
  • Mission St. Louis
  • Tabernacle CDC


If you were unable to attend the open house, you can still share your input on the planning and design for the 2nd and 3rd phases of the greenway (Grand from Natural Bridge to Cass Ave, from Cass Ave to North Spring Ave, and along North Spring Ave between Lindell Blvd. and Cass Ave.

– Watch the Open House presentation.

– Learn more about the proposed designs. After clicking, you can select “Export a PDF” to download the document if you choose.




Phase 1

This 1.3 mile segment will go from the Fairground Park at Natural Bridge on North Grand to Cass Avenue, west on Cass Ave to Spring Street, south on Spring St to Page Avenue.


Future Phases

This segment will continue the greenway south along Spring Avenue, past Lindell and through St. Louis University’s campus, past the City Foundry and, if possible, turning into a bridge that goes between the two decks of eastbound and westbound I-64/40 to connect to the Armory and Grand MetroLink Station.

N Grand Ave

Project Status

Current Status

This section of greenway is well into the design phase and will go into construction in 2025. This project includes local sales tax funding, a major federal grant through Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity, or RAISE Discretionary Grant program from the United States Department of Transportation, along with private investment.

What will this project accomplish?

Create a safe, comfortable street for all kinds of travel
• Add improved walking and biking paths to the corridor
• Change the roadway to calm vehicle speeds and reduce traffic accidents

Achieve more equitable, just access
• Improve accessibility by enhancing sidewalks, street crossings, and bus stops
• Provide easier access to local destinations, assets, establishments for all people

Build a healthy and nurturing environment
• Beautify the corridor by adding trees, greenery, and places to comfortably rest
• Provide new sidewalk and street lighting to improve safety

Reflect the neighborhood’s culture, history, and identity
• Value the neighborhood and co-design the corridor as a community destination
• Support local events, activities, and artistic expression by making a public canvas

Support economic vitality and provide opportunity
• Begin addressing legacies of disinvestment by rebuilding public infrastructure
• Provide flexibility in the street design to support local businesses and ownership

Be responsibly designed, maintained, and programmed
• Design the project to be maintainable, durable, and sustainable
• Manage stormwater to reduce flooding and protect water quality

GRG1900_Vignette_N Grand_rectangular
Brickline Greenway - Griot Museum West

Questions & Answers

Why Grand Avenue?
This is one of the most dangerous roadways in the nation, with hundreds of crashes and at least 11 fatalities in the past 7 years. North Grand Avenue contains one of the most heavily used bus routes in the city, but the condition of the bus stops lack basic comfort and safety. This is a chance for a better connection to the rest of the city and for upgrades to your experience along the way.

How is this being funded?
The project was awarded $15 million of federal funding, another $4 million in federal funding, plus local sales tax dollars from Great Rivers Greenway and private donations to make this project a long-lasting reality.

How will this be maintained?
Great Rivers Greenway will work with the City of St. Louis and other partners to take care of the greenway; maintenance is in the budget for this project.

Will Grand look like Natural Bridge?
The road reconfiguration on Grand will be different, adjusting the curbs and adding more walking space to the sidewalks. This will allow room for the greenway while maintaining clear and continuous road access. A center lane allows for turns without blocking the street and for emergency access.

Will there be public meetings?
Yes! There will be more events and other chances to engage as the project progresses. Stay tuned to this page and subscribe for text or email updates!

GRG St. Vincent Greenway-3700
Brickline Greenway Feedback FunFest Boys and Girls Club July 2019


We asked and you answered – 67 artists submitted to our call for local artists to design artwork for temporary streetlight banners along Grand Avenue from Natural Bridge to Cass. The banners will mark a segment of the Brickline Greenway: North Connector, which will begin construction in 2025.

Guided by community feedback, our Banner Art Working Group has chosen these 4 local artist finalists: Jamie Bonfiglio, Jen Everett, Andrea Hughes, and Marquis Terrell. You’ll be able to see their designs installed along North Grand soon.

Click here to learn more & see the artists’ full designs.

BG Banner Art - Finalist montage2

The Public Art Plan for Brickline Greenway is complete

Brickline Art: A Working Plan for Art on the Brickline Greenway establishes Brickline Art as the greenway’s art program and describes how art can help achieve the Brickline Greenway’s ambitions to impact individual well-being and the vitality of the community.

Check out the full Brickline Art plan here.




Transformation To Come

North Grand Avenue: Looking north from St. Louis Avenue toward Fairground Park

The top-left brick and blue building is the current Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis and former Sportsman’s Park (the first Major League Baseball stadium in St. Louis, home to St. Louis Browns and St. Louis Cardinals through 1965). The former Carter Carburetor manufacturing site is visible in the lower-left.

PGA Reach is creating a kids golf complex on top of the Carter Carburetor site. The Brickline Greenway will be on the west side of North Grand, with trees, public art, rest and transit stops, places to walk and bike. The east side of the street will also receive improvements that make street crossings easier and safer.


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