Spring 2021 Update

Project Updates

Spring 2021 Update

COVID-19 is impacting us all in different ways – we wanted to share how we’re adapting to move forward in a way that makes sense for this project in our community. Projects will move as quickly as they can despite the challenge at hand; please remember that progress moves at the speed of trust and honoring our commitment to engagement is priority for long-term success.

Quick summary:  
  • As you may remember, this greenway got a new name in March 2020 and the Framework Plan was finished. Read more here.
  • We’re moving forward with three different segments and coordinating with other regional projects on community engagement, infrastructure and equitable economic development.
  • Governance research for funding, operations and maintenance options has wrapped up – we’re coordinating with the City of St. Louis to finalize recommendations.
  • For the private side of this public-private partnership, we’ve conducted a Campaign Feasibility Study to understand possible paths forward. There is a lot of work to do but the potential and momentum is strong.

Three segments will be moving forward right now, plus partner coordination projects:













  • The segment from Fairground Park south to the Grand MetroLink Station and east to NGA (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency) needs to be driven by community engagement. Because we cannot gather or go door to door right now, this does present some challenges with broad engagement. We’re focusing on taking stock of existing conditions and partners, engaging one-on-one with stakeholders and community leaders and planning for future engagement, both now and when we can connect in real life again. Our 2020 budget has funds secured to advance planning and design when we’re ready to move forward.
  • The segment from the Central West End MetroLink Station east toward the Grand MetroLink Station will continue with planning and design. Progress within this segment will be paced to coordinate with partners like the City Foundry Project and the Armory District and align our timelines as much as possible to be good stewards of your investments.
  • The segment from the campus of Harris Stowe State University to the Major League Soccer stadium is focused on a conceptual design of a public art project to remember, honor and celebrate the Mill Creek Valley neighborhood. This piece is being designed by artist Damon Davis with input from community and key stakeholders.

In addition to those segments, we will continue to collaborate with other projects in our region such as the Cortex to Tower Grove Connector project (a collaboration of Trailnet, City of St. Louis, Arch to Park and many others), Project Connect, the PGA Golf project on North Grand and the St. Louis Development Corporation’s Equitable Economic Development Plan to ensure these efforts and the Brickline Greenway support and complement each other.

Thank you for your continued ideas and support on this project. A vision this bold takes all of us!