Name The Greenway

Send in your ideas for this city greenway!


Thank you to everyone who has submitted name ideas! We’re sorting through them all (between website and texting and workshops, we think there are almost 1000 submissions!). 40+ people have been invited to review these names during a workshop in mid-February; members of the Steering Committee and Working Groups from the past year, Artists of Color Council and board members will be narrowing down the options. Of course, we will need legal to review along with the City of St. Louis and Great Rivers Greenway’s Board of Directors. Stay tuned for a name announcement later this spring!

For now, subscribe to updates on this project and join us for one of the many events on the greenways throughout the region!

Let's Name The Greenway!

The Chouteau Greenway project first started in the 1990s with a dream to connect Forest Park to the Gateway Arch. However, what we are planning today is so much more than that. You’ve told us that it’s important to build connections to neighborhoods north and south. The greenway will stretch north, south, east, and west to break through real and perceived barriers in the city. You’ve told us that the name “Chouteau Greenway” is hard to say and spell, and that it isn’t meaningful to everyone. The greenway needs a new name that reflects what we’ve heard from the community about the changes needed and opportunities that abound for St. Louisans.

Brainstorming Toolkit

The toolkit introduces you to the project and guides you through some exercises to think of potential names for the greenway. It’s got some great ideas to get your creativity flowing; it’s fun to do with friends, family, or co-workers or even on your own. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Feel free to download it or print it out.

You can click through it online, put it full screen, zoom in and out or download it (top left).