Centennial Greenway Improvements at Olive & I-170 underway now through August 2023

No access from greenway to sidewalks on Olive west of the Olive/I-170 interchange

Great Rivers Greenway and the City of Olivette are partnering to build an extension of the Centennial Greenway through Olivette. It will extend the existing greenway at Olive near I-170 two miles further west to Warson Park. Part of this project includes walking and biking improvements to the I-170 and Olive interchange.  From late April through August 2023, there will be no access from the greenway to sidewalks on Olive west of the Olive/I-170 interchange. The sidewalks east of the greenway on the south side of Olive will remain open from the greenway.  The greenway south of Olive to Shaw Park will not be impacted and will remain open throughout construction.

The greenway improvements in this area include safety enhancements at the four crosswalks on the I-170 exit and entrance ramps, high visibility pavement markings, pedestrian push button crossing signals (that will be timed to allow people walking, riding a bike or using a wheelchair to cross through the entire intersection), and a mural under the I-170 bridge. More information on this project can be found here.