Old Chain of Rocks Bridge Hours of Operation & Parking

Old Chain Of Rocks Bridge Daily Hours of Operation & Parking

Bridge is Open for Walking, Biking: Daily at 9am

Bridge is Closed: 30 Minutes after sunset

PARKING INFORMATION: The parking lot on the Missouri side of the bridge is closed for construction.

Parking is NOT allowed along Riverview Blvd.

Parking and access to the bridge is available on the Illinois side.  To get to the bridge, from the Illinois side take I-270 and exit at IL Route 3, go south to Chain of Rocks Road and follow west to the bridge entrance parking area (free). (Link to google map here.)

Parking and access to the bridge is available at N. Riverfront Park (Missouri side) which is south of the bridge on Riverview Drive. You can then walk north (about 1.25 miles) on the greenway to connect to the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge. (Link to google map here)

***Note that the eastbound ramp from Riverview Blvd. to I-270 is closed for construction through July 2024. If you want to go east on I-270 from Riverview, you will have to first go WEST on I-270 to the Lilac exit. Exit at Lilac and then cross over the highway and return eastbound via the I-270 entrance ramp at Lilac.

The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge is open daily for people walking, running, biking, etc (no cars allowed) by 9am to 30 minutes after sunset. The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge is opened every day by volunteer bridge keepers and closed 30 minutes after dusk by the Madison County Police Department. During icy conditions, the bridge may not open. Please check out website and social media for alerts. Please do not plan to enter the bridge earlier than 9am. Thanks for your understanding and thanks to our volunteer bridge keepers who help keep this historic bridge open for you to explore and enjoy!

Meet some of our wonderful volunteer bridge keepers here!