Special Event Application

A Great Rivers Greenway Special Event Permit is required for all events held at the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing or Katherine Ward Burg Garden.  For all Old Chain of Rocks Bridge crossings only, refer to Old Chain of Rocks Bridge Special Use Permit Application.

Great Rivers Greenway works with partners and communities to build, promote and sustain a network of greenways, making the St. Louis region a vibrant place to live, work and play. We also own a few properties that are great places to hold an event. Thank you for considering a Great Rivers Greenway property for your event!

Old Chain of Rocks Bridge – The bridge spans the Mississippi River and was part of the historic Route 66. Located off of Riverview Drive south of I-270.




Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing – This historic site is part of the Underground Railroad. Located on the Mississippi Greenway (Riverfront Trail) 1/8 mile south of the end of East Prairie Ave.




Katherine Ward Burg Garden – This site will open in 2019 as a place to enjoy views of the Mississippi River, passing trains and the Eads Bridge. Located at Lucas Ave. and N. 1st St.




This looks like a lot of paperwork! Why is it necessary? The Great Rivers Greenway Special Event permitting process provides reasonable assurance of safety from risks for the people who will be working, attending or volunteering at an event on Great Rivers Greenway property and that the property is in the same condition after the event that it was before the event. The permit also provides historical proof that something exciting happened in this place at this time. You can also provide historical proof by putting pictures of your event on the internet because those aren’t going away anytime soon.

For some event features such as food and beverage sales, large tents, or amusement rides, you will need to acquire additional permits from the City of St. Louis. Read the Additional Permits section of this application to find out who to contact and where to go for these additional permits.

Permit fees will be assessed for Great Rivers Greenway’s resources (staff time, materials, contracted services) expended in preparation for, during and after the special event.  Permit fees are due prior to permit issuance.

In general, during setup and take down of special events vehicles will not be allowed to operate on turf area.  Fireworks will not be permitted on any Great Rivers Greenway property.

Rainout/Cancellation Policy – All rental fees are non-refundable regardless of inclement weather and/or other unexpected events. Permits are not transferrable and may be revoked or changed at the discretion of the Director of Greenway Operations.

Additional Permits – The applicant is responsible for obtaining all City permits. Great Rivers Greenway Special Event Permit is null and void unless the appropriate City permits are obtained.

Click here to download the Special Event Application Form.


Complete this checklist and application in full and submit to the Great Rivers Greenway Director of Operations at least 30 days prior to the event via email to Ben Grossman: bgrossman@grgstl.org

Please attach all documents at time of submission. Approval of the application shall be confirmed only upon approval of all governing entities. At that time, the Director of Operations will inform you that your Great Rivers Greenway Special Event Permit has been approved.

Special Event Application Form

  • All events require a site map of the event area. Indicate exact placement of the following features if applicable: RESTROOM FACILITIES/PORTABLE TOILETS, INFLATABLES, STAGE(S) OR OTHER PERFORMANCE AREAS, DUMPSTERS AND TRASH CONTAINERS, PICNIC TABLES AND/OR TENTS, VENDOR BOOTHS, STREET BARRICADES, MECHANICAL RIDES, SECURITY/EMERGENCY TENTS, AND EVENT HEADQUARTERS. If the event is a walk/run or bike ride, a copy of the route must be submitted. NOTE: The event host is responsible for the cost of renting, putting up and removing any traffic control devices required. A traffic control plan must be included indicating the location of safety personnel.
  • Must name Great Rivers Greenway as additional insured for up to $1,000,000 per occurrence
  • (Example: Concert, Parade, Sports Competition, Walk/Run, etc.)
  • Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing, or Katherine Ward Burg Garden
  • (hours that event is open to attendees)
  • Electric is available at all sites but in limited capacity. Director of Greenway Operations will contact you to discuss upon receipt of application.
  • No water is available at the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge.
  • Describe the type of entertainment if any to be featured at this event - DJs, bands, dancers, etc.
  • Any organization holding an event on Great Rivers Greenway property is responsible for cleanup and removal of debris from the event location. Indicate below how cleanup will be handled during the course of the event and immediately following the event.
  • Three restrooms needed for every 100 attendees for an eight hour event. One accessible restroom for every 20; at least one accessible restroom for every event.
  • If yes, contact Health Department at 314-612-5335 or 634 North Grand, Room 600 to obtain a Food Permit.
  • If yes, please provide a list of all vendors and their phone numbers that are authorized to vend at your event. Each vendor must apply for a Food Permit from the Health Department by contacting 314-612-5335 or visiting 634 North Grand, Room 600.
  • If yes, the caterer must contact the Excise Division at 314-622-4191 or City Hall Room 416 for licensing requirements.
  • Application for a liquor license must be made at least three weeks prior to the event. Applicant will need to produce a copy of your Great Rivers Greenway Special Event Permit and a letter from the Director of Operations to obtain your liquor license. Contact the Excise Division at 314-622-4191 or 1200 Market Street for license requirements.
  • Prior permission from Great Rivers Greenway Director of Operations is required to tether/launch hot air balloons. Hot air balloons must be tethered with sandbags at parks/plazas with irrigation. A permit from City of St. Louis Fire Marshal is required. Contact Fire Department at 314-289-1900 for permit requirements.
  • If requesting a permit for rides on Great Rivers Greenway property or a street surrounding the property, a mechanical permit and inspection is required. Contact the Building Division at 314-622-4671 for permit requirements. A permit to close the street is also required. Contact the Street Department at 647-3111 for permit requirements.
  • Tents on irrigated areas must be self-standing. A tent permit from the Building Division at 314-622-4671 or City Hall Room 425 is required for tents over 800 square feet.
  • Contact the Streets Department at 314-647-3111 or 1900 Hampton Ave. for a Street Blocking/Closing Permit. If there are parking meters along the streets blocked during the event, applicant must contact the Parking Meter Division at 314-622-4700 to block the parking meters; otherwise, cars will be ticketed.
  • Applicant/Permittee covenants to save, defend, hold harmless and indemnify Great Rivers Greenway and all of its officials, consultants, agents, volunteers and employees from and against any and all claims, loss, damage, injury, cost (including court costs and attorney’s fees), charges, liability or exposure, however caused, resulting from or arising out of or in any way connected with the permitted event. As the applicant, I hereby agree and understand that it is my responsibility to oversee all contractors, vendors or parties affiliated with the event to ensure compliance with all policies, rules, regulations and guidelines of Great Rivers Greenway and other relevant St. Louis City procedures and laws. I understand that the permit is non-transferable and non-refundable. Type your name to sign.