Storybook Walks on Greenways

Storybook Walks are a fun way to read a book while enjoying a walk along a greenway. (Not to mention instilling a love for books as little readers burn up some energy!) Books are displayed page -by-page on progressive signs along the paved path. There are Storybook Walks on greenways in St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County. Plan a visit to one or all of them!

St. Vincent Greenway at Ruth Porter Mall

We have teamed up with the St. Louis Public Library on a Storybook Walk at Ruth Porter Mall Park on the St. Vincent Greenway. The featured book changes every month. (Fun Fact: The posts were designed and built by Perennial, a local nonprofit, using 342 pounds of reclaimed material.) The books for each month are:

  • November: Grandma’s Tiny House by JaNay Brown-Wood
  • December: Snow Globe Wishes by Erin Dealey

Maline Greenway at Bella Fontaine County Park

We’ve partnered with Ready Readers on a Storybook Walk in Bella Fontaine County Park on the Maline Greenway. The featured book is Like Sunshine on an Otherwise Miserable Day by St. Louis author Dr. Kelly Byrd.  The Storybook Walk is located on the greenway near the baseball fields.

St. Charles County Storybook Walks

The St. Charles City-County Library maintains five Storybook Walks in St. Charles County. Library staff hand-pick a different book each month. Two of the Storybook Walks are on greenways:

Boschert Greenway at Fox Hill Park in St. Charles
The November book is Duck!, by Megan McKinley. The Storybook Walk is separate from the main part of Fox Park; it’s near the parking area at the end of Huncker/Quince (Boschert Greenway Hunker Drive Parking), then just down a short paved path.

Dardenne Greenway at St. Charles Community College in Cottleville
The November Book is Brave Ballerina: The Story of Janet Collins, by Michelle Meadows. The Storybook Walk is on the portion of the Dardenne Greenway that crosses St. Charles Community College in Cottleville. Find it by parking lot “Orange 4” via the north entrance to the campus off Mid Rivers Mall Drive.

Find all of the St. Charles City County Storybook Walks here.