Greenway Quest

Find rock turtles along the greenways!

Found a turtle rock? Log it now for your chance to win prizes!

Y’all…the turtle rocks have escaped. They’re normally quite happy inside the arts studio at the City Museum but they’ve made a break for it! Can you help us look for turtles at the City Museum and along all the greenways starting on June 27th? Here’s what you need to know:

Real turtles belong in nature...

If you see a live turtle, leave it be please! If you want to help it cross a road or trail, carefully set it down the same direction it was going.

Rock turtles can be collected!

Take them home to play and log them here on this site for a chance to win a prize! They are yours to keep – you’ll find them within a few feet of the greenway trail.

Turtles are important to nature!

Turtles are so important in the food web – other animals and ecosystems depend on them! They help keep our waterways clean because they eat other decaying animals, helping to remove harmful bacteria so that the water stays a healthy place for animals and plants that call it home. Turtles also spread the seeds of the plants they eat when they poop – this helps more kinds of plants exist in one place (also called biodiversity!).

Log your treasure for a chance to win!

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