Submit your comments about Brickline Greenway for federal funding consideration

Through September 24, 2020, you have the chance to submit your comments about projects that seek federal funding through East-West Gateway’s Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP). TAP funds can be used for projects such as bicycle and pedestrian facilities, Safe Routes to School infrastructure or programming, community improvement and environmental mitigation activities, and preservation of historic transportation facilities.

We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible – use the form below to send your feedback on this greenway project. We also encourage you to look through their full list (there are several of our partners seeking funding on greenway projects) and give any feedback you have on any or all of the opportunities. It only takes a moment and is a great way to make sure your voice is heard. East-West Gateway staff will evaluate the feedback, applications and make recommendations in January 2021 to the Transportation Planning Committee.

Great Rivers Greenway 2019 Project Expenditures

Project Name

Project Phase


Brickline: Community Engagement Design $15,131.24
Planning $196,723.91
Total $211,855.15

Brickline: Entire Network Planning $3,634,905.70

Brickline: Hodiamont Corridor Planning $235,167.08

Centennial: 39 North Connector Planning $147,329.37

Centennial: Christy Dr. to Hackmann Design $32,913.22

Centennial: Improvements Forsyth to Vernon Ave. Design $98.02
Build $69,824.00
Total $69,922.02

Centennial: Warson Park to Dielman Rd & 170/Olive Xing Planning $88,046.50
Design $296,627.55
Total $384,674.05

Dardenne: Weiss Rd to Legacy Park Design $20,000.00

Deer Creek: Deer Creek Center to RdP Greenway Site Control $8,816.01
Planning $32,913.50
Total $41,729.51

Deer Creek: Stormwater Restoration Design $30,150.00

Gravois: Hoffmeister Ave. to River des Peres Greenway Design $150.00
Site Control $95,533.22
Build $7,804,583.51
Total $7,900,266.73

Gravois: Improvement of Wayfinding Signage Design $4,715.00

Gravois: Orlando’s to Hoffmeister Ave. Design $196,530.63

Maline: Bridges of Bella Fontaine Park Build $587,493.61

Maline: Ted Jones Trail to Forestwood Park Design $6,417.09
Planning $10,000.00
Total $16,417.09

Maline: Ted Jones Trail to W. Florissant Design $245,141.53

Meramec: I-44 Bike Ped Bridge Connection Build $750,000.00

Mississippi: Chain of Rocks Bridge to I-270 Planning $40,000.00

Mississippi: Chouteau Ave. to Old Chain of Rocks Bridge Planning $55,510.00

Mississippi: Katherine Ward Burg Garden Design $3,245.50
Build $173,270.56
Total $176,516.06

Mississippi: Kiener Plaza Guard Station & Support Facility Planning $124,592.50

Mississippi: Riverview Trail Crossing Planning $35,000.00

Mississippi: Under Rail Park Planning $700.00

Missouri River: 370 Bridge Barrier Protected Bike Path Build $500,000.00

Regional: Build Action Plans Planning $120,694.25

Regional: Build/Planning Small Projects Planning $5,000.00

Regional: Gateway Bike Implementation Planning $60,530.69

Regional: Land Acquisition and Real Estate Services Site Control $381,243.71

Regional: Regional Plan IV Planning $50,000.00

Regional: St. Charles County Greenway Plan Planning $91,250.00

St. Vincent: Eskridge to Pagedale Town Center Design $2,451.25
Planning $67,000.00

St. Vincent: St. Charles Rock Road Improvements Design $428,109.84

St. Vincent: Trojan to Eskridge Build $180.00
Site Control $36,311.00
Design $183,311.88
Total $219,802.88

Great Rivers Greenway 2019 Financial Statement




Cash & Investments – Prop C $9,519,460.35
Cash & Investments – Prop P $7,368,605.00
Cash & Investments – CAR $16,877,605.02
Restricted cash – Prop C $7,013,808.00
Restricted cash – CAR $2,009,629.49
Sales tax receivable – Prop C $1,954,859.89
Sales tax receivable – Prop P $1,742,998.79
Sales tax receivable – CAR $1,742,998.79
Grant receivables $518,815.83
Other receivables
Interest Receivables $83,975.60
Prepaid expenses $155,776.51
          Land $27,241,759.49
          Land Improvements $92,685,305.40
          Buildings $260,118.35
          Construction in Process $40,060,140.15
          Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment $957,790.60
Accumulated depreciation -$54,301,197.62
Total Assets $155,892,449.64



Accounts payable $3,474,717.74
Accrued Interest – Prop C $28,769.99
Accrued Interest – CAR $6,812.08
Accrued liabilities $169,890.31
Bonds payable – Prop C $12,810,000.00
Bonds payable – CAR $63,345,000.00
Unearned revenue – Bond OIP, net – CAR $1,339,215.57
Total Liabilities $81,174,405.69

Net Assets


Unrestricted $18,356,196.15
Restricted $19,938,339.00
Board Designated $7,013,808.00
Investment in property and equipment, net of related debt $29,409,700.80
Total Net Assets  $74,718,043.95

Total Liabilities and Net Assets





Sales tax revenue – Prop C $11,819,364.71
Sales tax revenue – Prop P $10,652,388.96
Sales tax revenue – CAR $10,652,388.86
Federal government grants $1,656,706.98
Private Contributions $3,667,685.40
Rental income $985,082.96
Cost sharing revenues $115,451.00
Investment income $341,115.62
Investment income – CAR $375,827.88
Miscellaneous income $11,365.27
Total Revenues $40,277,377.64

Administrative Expenses


Salaries $754,458.07
Benefits $170,664.88
Professional Fees $206,669.93
Office & Support $78,732.40
Space & Occupancy $165,865.87
Administrative Capital Purchases $17,430.15
Total Expenses $1,393,821.30

96¢ of every dollar spent in 2019 went back to the community to build, promote and sustain your network of greenways.


Our friends over at the Gateway Arch Park Foundation have unveiled the #GatewayArchStepChallenge. There are 1,076 steps inside of each leg of our beloved Gateway Arch. We challenge you to ‘climb’ up and down the Arch as fast as you can to complete a total of 2,152 steps, which is just over one mile. Here are ten spots throughout the network of greenways that would let you climb up and down the Arch on a greenway!

Get out there before May 31st (even just around your neighborhood) and post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #GatewayArchStepChallenge to be part of the action – you’ll be entered to win a t-shirt and medal!



St. Vincent Greenway: Trojan Park to the north end of Ruth Porter and Etzel (and back)

Busch Greenway: Ducket Creek Trailhead to KATY Trail (and back)

Centennial Greenway: Muegge Rd Trailhead to middle of bridges (and back)

Maline Greenway: West park trailhead to intersection just past apartments (and back)

Deer Creek Greenway: Pumptrack to Lorraine Davis pavilion, down to Ravine Ave (and back)

Mississippi Greenway: Cliff Cave upper parking lot to overlook (and back)

Gravois Greenway: Leffingwell & Holmes Trailhead to Sappington House (and back)

Sunset Greenway: Sunset Park Trailhead to Northern Limits Drive (and back)

Brickline/Chouteau Greenway: Back and forth 4 times

Meramec Greenway: Glencoe Railroad to the south (and back)

St. Vincent Greenway Online Survey: Eskridge High School Site to St. Charles Rock Road

Thanks for your feedback to date!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our January 2020 Open Houses to learn more about the route options for the St. Vincent Greenway expansion. We appreciate everyone’s feedback at the open houses and via the online survey. The project team is studying all comments/feedback received and will factor this into the final route selection. The next steps will be further discussion and engagement with the City of Pagedale and the Community Advisory Committee.

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St. Vincent Greenway Eskridge to St. Charles Rock Road Updates

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$2 million in Federal Funding Awarded for Maline Greenway in Ferguson

Construction of greenway that will link the Ted Jones Trail to Forestwood Park to West Florissant Avenue through Ferguson is slated for late 2022

We are happy to report that the next phase of the Maline Greenway was awarded $2 million in federal Surface Transportation Program funds that will be used for constructing this long-awaited connection through Ferguson! Since 2011, we have been working with the City of Ferguson, St. Louis County, area residents and other stakeholders on plans for the 1.5 mile stretch of the Maline Greenway that will link the Ted Jones Trail to Forestwood Park and then on to West Florissant Avenue. This will make it possible for people to walk, ride a bike, use a wheelchair or push a stroller to connect to neighborhoods, businesses, schools and parks via a paved, accessible greenway rather than navigating a narrow shoulder along a busy roadway. By connecting to the Ted Jones Trail, it also opens up a connection to the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus and the St. Vincent Greenway.

We are working with Missouri Department of Transportation to execute the program agreement for the federal funds and the design team has launched the environmental review procedures that will clear the way to build the greenway. As the project plans progress, we will be reaching out to community members to share updates periodically and gather feedback from select focus groups. There is still plenty of design work to be completed before the federal funds are made available to us in October of 2022. Construction is slated to begin in late 2022.

What is the Maline Greenway?
The plan for the Maline Greenway calls for a seven-mile paved path that will be serve as an east-west link between the St. Vincent Greenway in North St. Louis County and the Mississippi Greenway (Riverfront Trail). It will parallel Maline Creek through the cities of Berkeley, Kinloch, Ferguson, Jennings, Moline Acres, Bellefontaine Neighbors and Riverview in St. Louis County, and the City of St. Louis. When complete, the Maline Greenway will create a new space for people to get fresh air, exercise and connect to area parks, trails and waterways. See the master plan here.



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Chouteau Greenway will transform St. Louis by connecting people and our City’s most treasured places, creating inspiring experiences and equitable opportunities for growth.

As part of the overall network of greenways being built by Great Rivers Greenway and partners, Chouteau Greenway is a major public-private partnership to connect Washington University and Forest Park through our city to downtown and the Gateway Arch National Park, with north and south connections to our city’s vibrant neighborhoods, parks, business and arts districts, employment centers, transit hubs, and dozens of cultural and educational institutions.

The key to the success of the project is connectivity both physically and socially – using the landscape and special projects to allow people to interact in a way this city has never seen. The intended outcomes will result in an exceptional experience through design; ensure economic opportunity and job growth; and elevate our civic well-being – addressing diversity, equity and inclusion through collaboration – leaving a legacy for future generations. Direct engagement with the people that represent the region, the neighborhoods, and the future users of the greenway is essential and will continue as the project moves forward, led by Great Rivers Greenway in conjunction
with the Stoss team and other community partners. These groups are just one component of the overall engagement effort to ground this work in the needs, wants and ideas of community members.

Critical to this work is having many voices at the table in the form of a Steering Committee and four Working Groups which will support and inform the design team’s work. We seek enthusiastic champions of our region who know that compromise, courage, candor and conviction are critical to success. We expect that members subscribe to consensus and value-based decision-making processes to benefit the region as a whole.

On behalf of the entire Chouteau Greenway team, we are delighted to have your participation, input and guidance in this transformational project. If you have any questions or concerns about your role or the project in general, please contact Todd Antoine, Vice President of Planning and Projects 314-932-4903, For more information about the project, to view the mission/vision, key principles and intended outcomes, visit

Group Charters: