2021 Engagement Report

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2021 Engagement Report

Community Engagement from 2020 through 2021 consisted of informing residents and business owners about the Brickline Greenway project and working with the community to advance the planning and design of particular segments for the greenway. This process relied on the expertise of the Steering Committee, Working Groups, Design Oversight Committee, and Community Advisory Committee to guide the design team’s recommendations for Brickline Greenway. The suggestions from these groups were presented to the community through stakeholder interviews and interactive community events. In 2021, the engagement team participated in over 300 meetings and events, as indicated in the chart below.

Through extensive public engagement we identified a serious need for additional contact with residents and businesses in north St. Louis. There was a lack of community feedback in these areas along with low participation in surveys. Though groups of north city stakeholders and residents were organized to help inform the planning and design of the greenway, the lack of community feedback on the Brickline’s northern segments and low participation in surveys to local businesses on the City’s north side support the need for additional engagement and input in north St. Louis City.

The next phase of engagement will focus on active segments within the Brickline Greenway alignment that are currently in the planning and design phase, including partner projects with St. Louis City. Building upon the work GRG has done in north city neighborhoods, the engagement team will learn more about how the greenway can meet the community’s needs and assist in improving neighborhoods.

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