Mississippi Greenway

Chouteau Riverfront to Old Chain of Rocks Bridge (Riverfront Trail)

Temporary Detour on Riverfront Trail near McKinley Bridge Bikeway through Spring 2024: The Army Corps of Engineers will be repairing the trail near the McKinley Bridge Bikeway through Spring 2024. The greenway will remain open, but the Corps has created a temporary detour around the greenway while this work is underway. Please use caution as you move through this area.

The Chain of Rocks Bridge  is opened daily by a team of volunteers; it is open by 9am and locked at dusk.

Flood update- use caution when passing through the area around Maline Creek. The jersey barriers along the edge of the greenway were moved by summer 2022 floodwaters. There is fencing across the greenway in this area across the greenway but there is space for people walking or riding bikes to go around the fence.

 [1] The O’Fallon Street floodgates are closed; you can follow the greenway on the “dry side” of the flood wall. [2] The flood gate at Carr Street is closed. To reconnect to the Mississippi Greenway, if you are able, you can walk or ride on streets within Laclede’s Landing to bypass the flood gate. TRAVELING NORTH: Enter Arch Grounds at Eads Bridge, follow path on Arch Grounds to Washington Avenue at 1st Street. Head north on 1st Street through Laclede’s Landing to Carr Street. Turn right (towards river) to Lewis Street/Leonor K. Sullivan. Continue north and follow greenway through Rootwad Park; O’ Fallon Street floodgate is closed so continue north on dry side of flood wall. TRAVELING SOUTH:  From Rootwad Park head south on Lewis Street/Leonor K. Sullivan. Turn left (away from river) at Carr Street. Head south at N. 1st Street through Laclede’s Landing to Arch Grounds at Washington Avenue. Follow Arch Grounds path and exit at Eads Bridge and Leonor K. Sullivan Blvd. (Look for signs to guide you!) See map here.


The Mississippi River Greenway between Chouteau and the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge is like no other, stretching from downtown St. Louis, along the industrial riverfront to the historic Route 66 bridge. The greenway is mostly flat and entirely sunny. It offers views of the working riverfront and Mississippi River that even most native St. Louisans have never seen before. This greenway has a long history and many champions – check out more information on Trailnet’s website.

Click here to download a printable Greenway Adventure Guide for the Mississippi Greenway (Riverfront Trail): Chouteau Riverfront to Old Chain of Rocks Bridge.

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Getting Here

The greenway is located near the heart of downtown St. Louis. The trailhead is located at Biddle Street just a few blocks north of the Martin Luther  King Bridge.

Each greenway is managed in cooperation with different municipalities and parks departments, who set the rules for greenway use, parking and hours of operation. Greenways often span multiple municipalities, so please be aware that these rules can change as you travel along the trail. Please be sure to follow all posted rules and regulations while you are living life outside!

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You can access this section of the Mississippi River Greenway at several points via Bike St. Louis. In downtown St. Louis, you can access the greenway on Chouteau Avenue, Chestnut Avenue through the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial and on Washington Avenue. North of downtown you can access the greenway on Mullanphy Street, Branch Street, Riverview Boulevard and Chambers Road.

You can access this greenway by buses #40, 41, 60, 61, 64, 78, 90 at the Riverview Transit Center. This is a close bike ride or walk to the Riverfront Trail on Riverview.

You can access this section of the Mississippi Greenway from the Convention Center Station and the Arch-Laclede’s Landing Station.

ALERT: The parking lot on the Missouri side of the Old Chain of Rocks is closed. Do NOT be tempted to park along the side of Riverview Drive on the Missouri side of the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge. Cars parking in this area are frequently targeted by thieves. Make sure you have a pleasant visit by parking on the Illinois side of the Chain of Rocks Bridge! If you park in Riverfront Park, you will have to walk or ride 1.5 miles to access the Missouri side of the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge.
Cruce la Carretera 270 a Illinois, al otro lado del Río Mississippi, para estacionar y ver el puente.
Siempre mantenga sus objetos de valor con usted.

Things To Do

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Trail Info

16.19 Miles

This 16-mile (includes Old Chain of Rocks and McKinley Bridge) paved trail in the Mississippi River Greenway is flat, and offers limited shade. It parallels the Mississippi River and winds it way through both sides of the flood wall that protects the city of St. Louis.
Please use caution when walking or riding on this trail because some sections are considered a levee road; you may see vehicles from adjacent businesses who are authorized to drive on the trail.

Events & Programs

Mississippi Greenway Tour: Chain of Rocks Park

May 14th 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm CST

Volunteer: Tree Care Day at North Riverfront Park

March 2nd 9:00 am - 12:00 pm CST

Volunteer: Spring Greenway Cutback

February 24th 9:00 am - 11:00 am CST