Busch Greenway

Katy Trail to Missouri Research Park to August A. Busch Conservation Area

This greenway combines beautiful settings like hardwood forests and a creek with a bustling research park full of businesses and natural conservation areas. It connects the Missouri State Parks’ Katy Trail to the University of Missouri’s Research Park to the Weldon Spring and Busch Conservation areas, going by Francis Howell High School and Highway 94 in the process. Walkers, runners and bikers alike enjoy getting some fresh air on this scenic, sunny route!

Click here to download a printable Greenway Adventure Guide for the Busch Greenway: Katy Trail to Missouri Research Park to August A. Busch Conservation Area.

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Getting Here

This greenway is in St. Charles County off Interstate 64/MO Route 40. You can access the trail via Missouri Research Park, MO Route 94 and Highway D. If you work in Missouri Research Park, take a break and explore the greenway! If you are visiting Weldon Spring Site Interpretive Center or Francis Howell High School, you can walk to the greenway.

Each greenway is managed in cooperation with different municipalities and parks departments, who set the rules for greenway use, parking and hours of operation. Greenways often span multiple municipalities, so please be aware that these rules can change as you travel along the trail. Please be sure to follow all posted rules and regulations while you are living life outside!

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You can access this trail on bicycle via the Katy Trail at mile marker 52.1.

You cannot currently access this greenway via bus.

You cannot currently access this greenway via Metrolink.

There are three designated parking lots for this trail. Click on links above.

Things To Do

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Trail Info

4.72 Miles

This 4.7-mile paved trail connects the Katy Trail at mile marker 52.1 to Missouri Research Park, Weldon Spring and the August A. Busch Conservation Area in St. Charles County. Once you travel up the hill from the Katy Trail and into Missouri Research Park, the trail is mostly flat. You can also connect with the existing Hamburg Trail, a gravel trail that connects with the Katy Trail at mile marker 56. If you take this route, you can complete a 13.1-mile loop linking the Busch Greenway, the Hamburg Trail and Katy Trail, making this a great option for those training for a half marathon! It is important to note that the Hamburg Trail is not road-bike friendly; if you are going to ride it, mountain bike or hybrid tires are best!
The paved trail ends at Highway D, but you can continue on a ¾ mile gravel trail that leads to the August A. Busch Conservation Area Visitor Center.

Events & Programs

Busch Greenway Tour

August 3rd 10:00 am - 12:00 pm CST