2023 Engagement Report

Project Updates

2023 Engagement Report

With over 440 engagements for Brickline Greenway, the project has made great progress in the areas of partnerships, both organizational and community-based, funding, and equitable planning and design.

The project team has used a variety of means to engage the community including, one-on-one meetings, large and public meetings, community events, youth outreach, yard signs, pop-ups and collaboration with local businesses, and community members.

In 2023, the Brickline project team participated in 445 meetings and events as shown in the following chart.

However, engagement work is not complete. GRG will continue to build upon the work, trust and feedback obtained in 2023.

Additional segments of the greenway are anticipated to move forward with engagement in 2024 along with several plans including the Mill Creek Valley Corridor Plan, the North Connector Corridor Plan, and Banner Art Plan.


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