2022 Engagement Report

Project Updates

2022 Engagement Report

This phase of engagement focused design, art, and equity for active segments within the Brickline Greenway alignment. This process relied on the expertise of the Working Groups, Design Oversight Committee, Universal Design Group, Public Art Sub Committee and North Community Advisory Committee to guide the design team’s recommendations for Brickline Greenway. In addition to SmithGroup launching schematic design for the Northern Connector, a master planning process for art is currently underway and Great Rivers Greenway invested in an Equity and Economic Impact Director for Brickline Greenway.

In 2022, the engagement team participated in 375 meetings and events, as indicated in the chart below.

Though the project team has engaged the community through a variety of means, including Billboards, bus and Metrolink ads, yard signs, pop-ups, and collaboration local businesses – there is still work to be done. However, these channels have helped to expand awareness of both GRG and Brickline Greenway. As design continues to advance, GRG plans to leverage such interest while continuing to interact with established groups and committees.

With a second segment of the Brickline Greenway slated to open along Market Street in February 2023, GRG will continue to build upon the work, trust, and feedback from neighborhoods along the corridor.


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