Explore the Greenways 30 Minutes at a Time

30 Hikes You Can Do in 30 Minutes (plus ten more just for fun!)

Our friends at St. Louis County Parks Department have made it easy to live life outside with their popular 30/30 Hikes program. They have outlined 30 hikes in parks throughout St. Louis County that take approximately 30 minutes to complete.  Each hike covers about two miles and several of them travel along or near greenways.  If you complete all 30 hikes, you’ll not only have 55 miles of walking under your belt, you’ll also explore new parks and enjoy views you’ve never seen before. For all the details on the 30/30 hikes program, check out St. Louis County Parks website here.

To help you explore even more of the region, we’ve outlined ten more 30 minute hikes along greenways in St. Charles County and the City of St. Louis.

St. Charles County

boschert-631Boschert Greenway

2.5 miles
Start your walk at Fox Hill Park’s southern parking lot off Tamarack Drive. Walk south to connect to the Fox Hill Park Trail and take a right (west) towards the lakes that parallel Little Hills Expressway. Cross over Little Hills Expressway (where the trail passes between the two lakes) and continue south to the intersection of Mel Wetter Parkway. Be sure to stop and look at the 30 foot tall bicycle art sculpture—Blomstre—before you head back to Fox Hill Park for a round trip of 2.5 miles.

2 miles
You can shave a half mile off the above route by parking in the Fox Hill Park parking lot at the end of Quince Drive. Take the Fox Hill Park Trail north to where it crosses over Little Hills Expressway and continue south to intersection of Mel Wetter Parkway. The round trip for this route is 2 miles. Learn more about the Boschert Greenway here.

busch-signBusch Greenway

2.6 miles

Start at the Highway 94 parking lot located approximately one mile south of Highway 64. Continue south on the greenway through the rolling hills of the Weldon Spring Conservation area. Follow the greenway under highway 94 until you reach the roundabout with the rain garden in the middle. Turn around and walk back to the parking lot for a total distance of 2.6 miles.  Learn more about the Busch Greenway here.

dardenneDardenne Greenway at Bluebird Meadow Park

2 miles
Park at the lot on the east side of Henning Road in Bluebird Meadow Park. Head north on the greenway and then turn left (west) towards the lake. Walk around the lake twice and back to the parking lot for a total distance of 2 miles. Learn more about the Dardenne Greenway at BaratHaven here.

centennialCentennial Greenway: Heritage to KATY

2. 6 miles
Park at the Heritage Museum located at 1630 Heritage Landing in St. Peters. Follow the trail 1.3 miles as it parallels Page Avenue all the way to Upper Bottom Road. Head back to the Heritage museum for a round trip of 2.6 miles.  Learn more about the Centennial Greenway here.

City of St. Louis

rdpRiver des Peres Greenway

2 miles
Start your walk in Carondelet Park near the intersection of Holly Hills Boulevard and Grand Avenue. Head south and follow the greenway 1 mile through the park and past Loughborough Commons Shopping Center all the way to Germania Avenue. Turn around and walk back the same way for a two mile round trip!

2.5 miles
Park at  Fultz Field on River des Peres Blvd. Head east (towards Morganford). Follow the greenway across the bridge over River des Peres and head north along the Christy Greenway all the way to Holly Hills Boulevard. Head back on the same route for a round trip of 2.5 miles. Learn more about the  River des Peres Greenway here.

svgSt. Vincent Greenway

2.5 miles

Start your walk at Delmar and head north through Ruth Porter Mall. Follow the greenway as it heads east along Etzel Avenue. Cross over North Skinker Parkway and enjoy some fun and fresh air in Wellston’s new Trojan Park. Follow the same route to Delmar for a total walk of 2.5 miles. Learn more about the St. Vincent Greenway here.

riverfrontMississippi Greenway downtown St. Louis Riverfront

1.5 miles
Enter the Arch Grounds at Walnut Street by the Old Cathedral and walk east towards the Arch grand staircase. Walk down the steps; go left and walk along the Mighty Mississippi, under the Eads Bridge to the Martin Luther King Bridge by Laclede’s Landing. Stop and grab a bite to eat on Laclede’s Landing and return on the same route to Walnut Street for a 1.5 mile walk.

2.25 miles

If you want to go a little further, you can follow the greenway to where it passes under the Poplar Street Bridge.  Turn around and head back to the Arch grand staircase and back to Walnut Street. This will add an additional .75 mile to your walk for a total of 2.25 miles. Learn more about the Mississippi Greenway here.

If you want to plan your own greenway experience, click here.