Volunteer Opportunity: Ambassador

Current Ambassadors and Bridge Keepers:
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Greenway Ambassadors:
Do you inevitably strike up a conversation with strangers everywhere you go?  If so, the Ambassador position is the right fit for you! Recruitment for this program includes an application process, interviews and orientation and happens twice a year.  Read on for details and to sign up to learn more!

Great Rivers Greenway wants everyone to know about the greenways in the region that they can explore and enjoy. As an ambassador, you may be at an indoor or outdoor community event. No matter the location, being an ambassador is an interactive way of connecting the people of the St. Louis region to the greenways, as well as offer a preview of our plan for the full network of greenways throughout the district.

Some people might know the greenways very well or not at all. Ambassadors are responsible for helping people learn about the greenways through conversation and distribution of maps and reading materials.

Is Great Rivers Greenway the right fit for you?

– Do you have excellent communication and customer service skills?
– Can you multitask?
– Do you have a genuine desire to help others enjoy the region through the use of greenways and parks?
– Are you excited to interact with a wide range of audiences?

What’s in it for you, as a Volunteer?

– Orientation, continued education and field trips
– Incentives and recognition opportunities
– Free signature shirt!
– Customer service and sales experience

Time Requirements and Responsibilities:

Ambassadors will represent Great Rivers Greenway at a variety of daytime, evening and weekend events throughout our 1,200 square mile district. We ask that Event Ambassadors make a commitment of working 3 events per year. Shifts range from 3 to 5 hours and scheduling is flexible.

Responsibilities for Ambassadors at events include:

– Serve as an ambassador for Great Rivers Greenway to participants
– Asking pertinent questions about what kind of outdoor activities they enjoy, then offering relevant potential greenway experiences that cater to them
– Empowering visitors to enjoy life outside through use of the greenways
– Light setup and take down activities on occasion
– Other responsibilities as needed

Please fill out application below!

Volunteer Ambassador Application

Here is everything you will need to begin the volunteer application process!
  • (First, Last)
  • (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • You Get A Free T Shirt as a Volunteer!
  • Street name
  • (###-###-####)
  • optional
  • If retired, write (R:) and previous occupation
  • If Yes, write yes, if no, please explain
  • NOTE: Conviction of a crime is not a disqualification of volunteering. All circumstances will be considered.
  • Please be complete in your description of what you feel you could contribute to such a program
  • If yes, please list type of training and/or any certifications.
  • 3 references. Please include name, email, and phone number (If possible, please list people that are not family members or relatives. If currently employed, please include)
  • Name, phone number, and relationship
    As a Great Rivers Greenway volunteer, I agree to be trained, supervised and reviewed by the Great Rivers Greenway staff. In addition, I hereby certify that all information on or in conjunction with this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge, and I have not knowingly withheld any fact or circumstance. I understand that if any of the statements made by me on this application are false or if a check with my former employers reveals that I would make an unsatisfactory volunteer, that this will be sufficient grounds for rejection of my application or removal from my volunteer position. I hereby authorize my previous employers or educational institutions I have attended to release to Great Rivers Greenway any information they may have regarding my character, academic record, or employment history, whether on record or not.