St. Vincent Greenway Updates

We are working with many partners to close the gap between the northern and southern segments of the St. Vincent Greenway. When complete, the greenway will stretch between Forest Park at Lindell through the University of Missouri-St. Louis Campus to the North Hanley MetroLink. We’ll complete this greenway in three phases- here’s the latest update on each phase:



Phase 1: St. Charles Rock Road to St. Vincent County Park

This is the first of three projects that will close the gap on the St. Vincent Greenway. It will parallel St. Charles Rock Road with a direct connection to the Rock Road Transit Center and St. Vincent County Park. The project is built in coordination with MoDOT’s St. Charles Rock Road improvements project and will create a safe, accessible shared-use path on the northern side of the road. The project includes multiple traffic safety countermeasures such as green paint at intersections and new crosswalks. (Virtually explore this new route here!)

Project Location: This 0.83 miles stretch of greenway will extend from the Rock Road Transit Center along St. Charles Rock Rd and turns north at the entry road for St. Vincent County Park where it ties into the existing St. Vincent Greenway.

Current Status:  This work will be completed as part of Missouri Department of Transportation’s improvements to St. Charles Rock Road in partnership with St. Louis County Parks and Bi-State Metro. Construction is underway!

Phase 2: Trojan Park to former Eskridge High School Site in Wellston

This is the second  of three projects that will connect the northern and southern sections of the existing St. Vincent Greenway. It will extend the greenway an additional .53 miles from its current endpoint at Trojan Park on Etzel Avenue to the site of the former Eskridge High school in Wellston.

Project Location: The greenway will extend north from Trojan Park along Stephen Jones Avenue and west to the intersection of Plymouth and Sutter Avenues. The expanded greenway will include a small “pocket park” at Plymouth and Stephen Jones that will overlook new native plantings along the banks of Engeholm Creek. Heading west on Plymouth Ave, the greenway will connect with St. Louis County’s MET Center, STL VentureWorks, and Metro’s Wellston MetroLink Station. The trail also features a MetroBus stop with improved seating located near the MetroLink tracks.

Current Status:
Construction is underway and will be completed in 2022.


Phase 3: Former Eskridge High School Site to St. Charles Rock Road through Pagedale

Project Location: At its southern end, this future 1.69 mile greenway segment starts at the former Eskridge High School site at the corner of Sutter Ave and Plymouth Ave. It runs through the residential neighborhood just south of Page Ave before turning north on Kingsland Ave and then west along Page Ave through the Pagedale Town Center developments. At Ferguson Ave, the greenway heads north until City Hall, where it will run through the City’s recreational fields before heading up 70th St and connecting into St. Charles Rock Road.

Current Status: Thanks to the input and feedback from the Pagedale community, we identified the route for the greenway from the former Eskridge High School to St. Charles Rock Road in early 2020. We are working through the design phase to develop technical construction documents to prepare the project for future construction in 2024.