Share Your Story

Sharing stories of the places along a greenway helps greenway visitors to connect to the place and take pride in it. Sharing these stories is known as greenway interpretation. Greenway interpretation creates meaningful experiences for people on the greenways. Click here to view the Great Rivers Greenway Interpretive Strategy.

Greenway stories are shared through art and signs along the greenways, guided and self-guided greenway tours, digital content online, and outreach and community events. Stories of the greenways are organized around themes of nature, culture, and history.

You can share your story of a greenway place in the form below or by calling 314-932-4904. As you plan your story to share, ask yourself these questions:

  • What natural features (such as creeks or prairies) or built features (such as streets, railroads, or buildings) impact what people do in this place – in the past, present, or possibly future?
  • What person(s) or event(s) have influenced the culture of this place?
  • What sights, sounds, or smells remind you of this place?


Example Story: Our neighborhood used to have Mall Days in Ruth Porter Mall where the St. Vincent Greenway is now. I would go with my cousins, and there were fun activities lined up all the way from Delmar to Etzel. The mall was created around 1970 and named for our neighbor who passed, Ruth Porter. She started many education programs and worked to end housing discrimination throughout the region.

Share Your Story