River Des Peres Greenway Bridge Update

On August 7, after nearly a year of waiting for water levels to drop, we finally set the critical span of the bridge (2nd of 3) that will link the River des Peres and Gravois Greenways. We’ve still got work to do in the channel and setting the last part of the bridge before it is ready for you to walk, run or bike across. We can’t wait!

The next steps will be setting rebar and pouring the concrete bridge deck to ensure a smooth walk, run or ride. Because the center span of the bridge is 176 feet long and weighs just under 36 tons, it required two cranes positioned on the river bed to set it in place. Crews will need to remove the access road we built down into the channel along with two gravel pads needed to keep the cranes supported and level. After we restore the riverbank, we’ll slide in the last piece of the bridge and complete the bridge deck. Like all construction projects, this work is weather dependent and nature will choose the grand opening date. We’ll keep you posted on when you can explore and enjoy this new connection!