Learn about the current status and future plans for the Maline Greenway

Master Plan

The master plan for the seven mile Maline Greenway is an east-west link between the Mississippi Greenway (sometimes called the Riverfront Trail) and the St. Vincent Greenway in North St. Louis County. The greenway passes though the cities of Berkeley, Kinloch, Ferguson, Jennings, Moline Acres, Bellefontaine Neighbors, Riverview, and the City of St. Louis as well as unincorporated St. Louis County. Approximately 70,000 people reside in this greenway corridor that will eventually connect more than 350 acres of park land.

Current Status

In Bella Fontaine County Park, construction on three replacement bridges, new and refurbished trails, and an accessible underpass beneath Lewis & Clark Boulevard was completed in May 2019

Great Rivers Greenway worked with community members and the City of Ferguson and St. Louis County to plan, design and construct a new segment of the Maline Greenway from the Ted Jones Trail to West Florissant Avenue. The goal is to create a paved greenway that will create an accessible connection through the City of Ferguson including improvements to existing sidewalks and street crossings.

This stretch of the Maline Greenway will connect the Ted Jones Trail which begins at the University of Missouri-St. Louis’ campus and ends near the intersection of St. Louis Avenue and Short Avenue.  From there, the greenway will travel along Paul Avenue and Ferguson Avenue to Forestwood Park, then continue on through the Park, re-constructing a segment of the existing loop trail within the park and finally continuing on to West Florissant Avenue. Construction is expected to begin in 2024.

We are also working with community members to expand the existing Maline Greenway from Bella Fontaine Park to W. Florissant Ave.

Current Segments

Projects In Progress

Ted Jones Trail to Forestwood Park to W. Florissant Avenue

This phase will link the Ted Jones Trail to West Florissant Avenue through Ferguson. It will make it possible for people to connect to neighborhoods, businesses, schools and parks via a paved, accessible greenway rather than navigating a narrow shoulder along a busy roadway.

Maline Greenway: Bella Fontaine Park to W. Florissant Avenue

This phase will link the Maline Greenway to W. Florissant Avenue, connecting people to the Urban League's Ferguson Community Empowerment Center, the Boys and Girls Club, Mercy Clinic, shopping, bus stops and more!

Future Connections

Planning will begin to help extend the existing Maline Greenway from Bella Fontaine Park to connect to West Florissant Avenue.

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