Maline Greenway: Ted Jones Trail to Forestwood Park to W. Florissant Avenue


Project Overview:

The master plan for the seven mile Maline Greenway is an east-west link between the Mississippi Greenway (sometimes called the Riverfront Trail) and the St. Vincent Greenway in North St. Louis County. The first phase of the greenway was completed in 2019 in Bella Fontaine County Park. This new phase will link the Ted Jones Trail to West Florissant Avenue through Ferguson. It will make it possible for people to connect to neighborhoods, businesses, schools and parks via a paved, accessible greenway rather than navigating a narrow roadway shoulder.

Project Location:

This 1.5 mile stretch of the Maline Greenway will link the Ted Jones Trail to Forestwood Park and then on to West Florissant Avenue. By connecting to the Ted Jones Trail, it also opens up a connection to the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus and the St. Vincent Greenway. From the Ted Jones Trail northern trailhead, the Maline Greenway will run eastward along Paul Ave and Elizabeth Ave before turning southeast on Ferguson Ave and connecting into Forestwood Park. The greenway winds through the southern side of the park and connects into the Lang-Royce neighborhood along Maline Creek before ending at a new trailhead located on West Florissant Ave.


Project Partners

  • Great Rivers Greenway
  • City of Ferguson
  • Missouri Department of Transportation
  • St. Louis County Department of Transportation

Project Status

Current Status:

The project was awarded $2 million in federal Surface Transportation Program funds in 2019 that will be used for constructing this long-awaited connection through Ferguson. The greenway design is complete and construction will begin in 2024.



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Did you know that this section of the Maline Greenway will connect to regionally significant places such as the banks of Maline Creek, a historic railroad, and the Ferguson uprising? What stories do you know about this place? Share them at or by calling 314-932-4904.

We all live in a watershed, and this area is within the Maline Creek Watershed. All of the rain that falls in this 25-square-mile watershed drains into Maline Creek and flows into the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. Our actions – like picking up litter and planting native plants in a rain garden – can improve the water quality in our own community and downstream.

Natural and built features impact our past, present, and future. This section of the Maline Greenway follows along the railroad line that has transported people and goods since the late 1800s and launched the Ferguson community around the railroad station.

This place holds stories of the people and events that shape our culture. This is an important place in the Black Lives Matter movement to end government-sanctioned violence, create space for Black imagination and innovation, and end White supremacy forever.