Hodiamont Tracks Greenway Study

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The Hodiamont Tracks are an inactive space that have the potential to become a greenway where people could walk, jog, ride a bicycle, push a stroller, use a wheelchair or have a picnic.

The tracks follow a former streetcar line that later became a bus route until the bus route service was discontinued in 2009. They start on Enright Avenue, one block west of Vandeventer in the Grand Center Arts District and continue west 3.5 miles connecting the Vandeventer, Lewis Place, Fountain Park, Academy, Visitation Park and West End neighborhoods in the City of St. Louis to Giles Park. The Hodiamont Tracks connect the St. Vincent Greenway, the future Chouteau Greenway, and numerous schools, parks, houses of worship and neighborhoods.

Throughout 2018, the Hodiamont Tracks Greenway Study Team has been listening to ideas for the tracks in a variety of ways:

  • Speaking with community members at community festivals and events
  • Hearing from residents at neighborhood and community meetings
  • Listening to community leaders and elected officials
  • Street team conversations with residents who live directly next to the tracks
  • Sharing information about the study and an invitation to take the survey via doorhangers on homes in the area
  • Mailing information about the study along with the survey to homes in a larger area
  • Engaging with community members at the Pop Up Greenway on the Tracks event
A summary of everything we have heard during this listening process is below.
Click here to read the full Hodiamont Tracks Greenway Study Community Engagement Report.

Click here to download the infographic above.


Building a greenway on the Hodiamont Tracks is a multi-year process. The next phase in this process is to do a technical study of the area to better understand things like where utilities and property lines are located. Using the information gathered during the technical study, the community will be involved in creating a conceptual greenway plan for the Tracks. This conceptual plan will help to identify specific sections where the greenway can be designed with the community and then built in multiple phases. Subscribe to receive email or text updates at the top of this page to find out how you can be involved in the greenway planning and design.


Spring 2019 Community Cleanup on the Tracks

Thank you to everyone who helped with the Community Cleanup on the Tracks on April 20, 2019! Volunteers helped clean up the West End neighborhood by removing trash and debris from the Hodiamont Tracks. See the impact in the photos below.

























































































Fall 2018 Pop Up Greenway on the Tracks

We had a great time at the Pop Up Greenway on the Tracks on October 27, 2018! For one day, the tracks became a space where you could walk, jog, ride a bike, push a stroller, use a wheelchair and have a picnic. The event showed what a greenway experience could be like in this space. Relive the fun of the day by scrolling through the photos below!