Oasis Walk:Boschert Greenway and Fox Hill Park

April 18th 9:30 am - 11:30 am CDT

Join Oasis for a walk along the Boschert Greenway at Fox Hill Park. Fox Hill Park is divided into two main sections that are linked by a paved trail. This park consists of an open lovely native landscape area with a loop trail around two interconnected lakes.

Visit stloasis.org or call (314) 862–4859 ext 24 to learn more or to enroll.


Boschert Greenway and Fox Hill Park

Meet in Fox Hill Park.

3400 Kister Dr.

St. Charles, Missouri 63301

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You can connect to this greenway on your bike. Check Google Maps to find the route thats right for you.

Not accessible by bus

Not accessible by bus

There is a parking lot