Chouteau CAC

40 individuals chosen from 205 applicants

The Community Advisory Committee for the Chouteau Greenway consists of 40 members, chosen from 205 applicants, to guide this project during the competition and beyond.

This group met three times last fall to dive into the questions we’ve asked in the survey, reflect on the community’s answers and create a list of community goals for the designers to work from and for the jury to hold them to when evaluating designs. Then they took a tour with Renegade STL and met during February to answer questions from the design teams directly.














The group’s breakdown, as they reported, is as follows:

  • 20 male, 20 female
  • 32 city residents
  • 21 people of color
  • 11 people aged 18-29
  • 12 people aged 30-44
  • 10 people aged 41-59
  • 7 people aged 60+








We are very grateful for their input and look forward to more engagement as the project evolves!