Dardenne Greenway


This section of the Dardenne Greenway parallels Dardenne Creek in St. Charles County, north of Highway 64.

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Getting Here

There are two trailheads on either side of Henning Road in Dardenne Prairie near the Barathaven Community. If you live in Barathaven, you can walk to explore this greenway that is right in your backyard!

Each greenway is managed in cooperation with different municipalities and parks departments, who set the rules for greenway use, parking and hours of operation. Greenways often span multiple municipalities, so please be aware that these rules can change as you travel along the trail. Please be sure to follow all posted rules and regulations while you are living life outside!

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This greenway is not accessible via bus.

This greenway is not accessible via Metrolink.

You can park at two different trailheads located on either side of Henning Rd. in Dardenne Prairie.

Things To Do


Trail Info

4.13 Miles

There is a 4.1-mile paved trail that loops through residential areas within the Barathaven development in St. Charles County. Walk, ride or run along this mostly flat trail that offers both sun and shade.

Events & Programs

Dardenne Greenway Walk and Sunset Yoga

May 1st 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm CST