Spring “To Do” List: Parks & Greenspaces

Here are some tasks to add to your spring “To Do” List:

After Spring cut back but before the flush of growth is a great time to mulch around perennials and shrubs alike. Ensure that there is no mulch piled at the base of any plant material as it will encourage disease and rot at the base of the plants. This includes trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses!

It’s that time of the year to start your irrigation systems up!
-Backflow testing
-Charging and running the irrigation lines and stations
-Finding those pesky leaks-if its drip line you will have the leaks!
-Testing the control box
-Setting run times and so much more…

Organic Land Care Maintenance
If you use organic practices in your gardens, now is the time of  year to add a pre-emergent. We recommend corn gluten as a great pre-emergent in your gardens and gardens only! After mulching, you can broadcast spread the corn gluten by following the product label.

Its time to get your seed, fertilizer, and soon aerate in those highly used green spaces!