Great Rivers Greenway 2019 Project Expenditures

Project Name

Project Phase


Brickline: Community Engagement Design $15,131.24
Planning $196,723.91
Total $211,855.15

Brickline: Entire Network Planning $3,634,905.70

Brickline: Hodiamont Corridor Planning $235,167.08

Centennial: 39 North Connector Planning $147,329.37

Centennial: Christy Dr. to Hackmann Design $32,913.22

Centennial: Improvements Forsyth to Vernon Ave. Design $98.02
Build $69,824.00
Total $69,922.02

Centennial: Warson Park to Dielman Rd & 170/Olive Xing Planning $88,046.50
Design $296,627.55
Total $384,674.05

Dardenne: Weiss Rd to Legacy Park Design $20,000.00

Deer Creek: Deer Creek Center to RdP Greenway Site Control $8,816.01
Planning $32,913.50
Total $41,729.51

Deer Creek: Stormwater Restoration Design $30,150.00

Gravois: Hoffmeister Ave. to River des Peres Greenway Design $150.00
Site Control $95,533.22
Build $7,804,583.51
Total $7,900,266.73

Gravois: Improvement of Wayfinding Signage Design $4,715.00

Gravois: Orlando’s to Hoffmeister Ave. Design $196,530.63

Maline: Bridges of Bella Fontaine Park Build $587,493.61

Maline: Ted Jones Trail to Forestwood Park Design $6,417.09
Planning $10,000.00
Total $16,417.09

Maline: Ted Jones Trail to W. Florissant Design $245,141.53

Meramec: I-44 Bike Ped Bridge Connection Build $750,000.00

Mississippi: Chain of Rocks Bridge to I-270 Planning $40,000.00

Mississippi: Chouteau Ave. to Old Chain of Rocks Bridge Planning $55,510.00

Mississippi: Katherine Ward Burg Garden Design $3,245.50
Build $173,270.56
Total $176,516.06

Mississippi: Kiener Plaza Guard Station & Support Facility Planning $124,592.50

Mississippi: Riverview Trail Crossing Planning $35,000.00

Mississippi: Under Rail Park Planning $700.00

Missouri River: 370 Bridge Barrier Protected Bike Path Build $500,000.00

Regional: Build Action Plans Planning $120,694.25

Regional: Build/Planning Small Projects Planning $5,000.00

Regional: Gateway Bike Implementation Planning $60,530.69

Regional: Land Acquisition and Real Estate Services Site Control $381,243.71

Regional: Regional Plan IV Planning $50,000.00

Regional: St. Charles County Greenway Plan Planning $91,250.00

St. Vincent: Eskridge to Pagedale Town Center Design $2,451.25
Planning $67,000.00

St. Vincent: St. Charles Rock Road Improvements Design $428,109.84

St. Vincent: Trojan to Eskridge Build $180.00
Site Control $36,311.00
Design $183,311.88
Total $219,802.88