Conservation at Home – Citizen Science

Even when sheltering-in-place, we can all pitch in and do our part for conservation, and one fun way to get involved – in your yard, at a nearby park, along a greenway or even out your back window, is through citizen science.

There are lots of ways that you and your family can get involved in citizen science. And to help you get started we have put together a list of citizen science initiatives tracking a wide array of things of interest to conservationists and scientists. You can pitch in and help them out by counting birds, tracking seasonal changes in plants and animals, taking pictures of bees, or even mapping squirrels. No matter which project you choose to participate in, you will be helping conservationists expand their data and understanding of the current state of the natural world.


  • Celebrate Urban Birds– Observe birds at the same time and place for ten minutes, repeat three times, report what you saw!
  • St. Louis Audubon Third Annual Birdathon (May 2020)-During the month of May 2020, observe the birds you see in your yard, outside your window or in a park or green space (make sure the park is open and you maintain a safe distance!) Report your findings here:


  • GLOBE Observer-Your observations help scientists track changes in clouds, water, plants, and other life in support of climate research;take your pick of what you want to observe:
  • ISeeChange- Pick an investigation that scientists are actively researching and add sightings from your own backyard, neighborhood or city:


Invasive Species

  • Midwest Invasive Species Information Network- Be a part of the early detection reporting network for invasive species:

Plant and Animal Lifecycles


Create Your Own