See what’s coming to the greenways in 2017!

The Great Rivers Greenway planning committee has recommended seven projects for funding and construction in 2017.  Here’s a brief overview of each project:

centennialCentennial Greenway: Bridges over Highways 364 and 94

In St. Charles County, we’ll break ground on a project that will connect the community with two new bicycle and pedestrian bridges over highways 364 and 94. The existing segment of the Centennial Greenway currently stretches 2.2 miles between the KATY Trail and St. Charles County Heritage Museum. This project will extend it an additional mile from just east of the Heritage Museum. The greenway will then head north and cross both highways where it will connect to Old Highway 94 near Muegge Road. By spanning these barriers, people will be able to walk or ride bikes to neighborhoods, parks, businesses, schools and other attractions on both sides of the highways.


cliff-caveMississippi Greenway: Cliff Cave Park to Telegraph

In south St. Louis County, site preparation for a two-mile, paved greenway within Cliff Cave County Park will begin in early 2017. The goal is to make this treasured green space more accessible and safer for everyone to explore and enjoy. When it’s done, you’ll be able to walk, push a stroller, use a wheelchair or ride a bike on a new paved route that will connect the existing 5-mile paved greenway along the river to the top of the 170-foot bluff in the upper section of the park.  There will also be safety improvements to the scenic overlook atop the bluff, so everyone will be able to see the breathtaking views of the Mississippi River.

In addition to a paved trail, there will be a neighborhood connection at Telegraph and Erb roads for people walking or riding bikes to the park.  There will also be additional parking spaces and a restroom added just north of the existing entrance to the park on Cliff Cave Road.


deercreekDeer Creek Greenway: Deer Creek Park to Lorraine Davis Park

We are putting the finishing touches on plans for a 1.5 mile expansion of the Deer Creek Greenway from its current endpoint in Webster Groves’ Deer Creek Park to Barnickle Park and Lorraine Davis Park, ending at Ravine Avenue. The existing 0.7 mile greenway parallels Deer Creek from Big Bend Boulevard through Deer Creek Shopping Center and Maplewood’s Deer Creek Park (Rocket Park) to Deer Creek Park in Webster Groves. When it’s done, there will a 2.2 mile paved route, separate from the street so you can walk or ride bikes to get where you need to go!


malineMaline Greenway: Bridges in Bella Fontaine Park

In north St. Louis County’s Bella Fontaine Park, designs are complete for three replacement bridges along with new and refurbished trails and an underpass beneath Lewis & Clark Boulevard that will connect both sides of the park. This will introduce the first 3.5 miles of the Maline Greenway to the River Ring and make it easier and safer for everyone to walk or ride a bike between the two parks and connect with MetroBus stops in the area.  If everything goes according to plan, construction should begin in the second half of 2017.


rdpRiver des Peres Greenway: Shrewsbury/Lansdowne MetroLink to Francis Slay Park

In 2017, we’ll begin construction to extend the River des Peres Greenway from Lansdowne Avenue in the City of St. Louis an additional 1.5 miles to Francis R. Slay Park. Plans include a paved, separated space for walking and riding bikes parallel to the southbound lanes of Wabash and Ellendale Avenues. On the other end of the River des Peres Greenway, work continues on the segment that will soon connect to the Mississippi Greenway at River City Casino. When both projects are finished, you’ll be able to walk or ride a bike all the way from Francis R. Slay Park to Carondelet and Jefferson Barracks Parks—all on a greenway!


feefeeFee Fee Greenway

The much-anticipated expansion of the Fee Fee Greenway from McKelvey Woods to Creve Coeur County Park will come to life in 2017.  With the project already out to bid, site preparation is expected to begin in March. This project will extend the existing .7 mile greenway an additional two miles along Crystal Springs Quarry Golf Club to Creve Coeur Park. When it’s finished, there will be a paved greenway for walking and riding bikes between the Maryland Heights Community Center and Creve Coeur County Park. You’ll also be able to connect to the existing trails in the park and walk or ride around the lake or connect to the KATY Trail and Centennial Greenway via the Creve Coeur Connector.


Other Project Updates:

Gravois Greenway (Grant’s Trail)

We are making progress on the long-awaited expansion of the popular Gravois Greenway to connect with the River des Peres Greenway. To make this connection a reality, it will require two bridges and an underpass for an estimated cost of $11.1 million. We are working to leverage grants and private donations to fund the project. We have already been approved for $2.6 million in Transportation Alternative Program funding from East West Gateway and a $1 million private grant from the Mysun Foundation. We are continuing to seek additional funding opportunities as we work towards final construction documents. The first phase of this project will include a new trailhead at Orlando’s, restrooms, a playground, improved parking lot and first segment of greenway. Construction is anticipated to begin in mid-to- late 2017. A public open house to review the updated route will be held prior to bidding the project. Stay tuned for more details!

St. Vincent Greenway

The extension of the greenway from Ruth Porter Mall as part of the Loop Trolley project is almost complete except for signage and landscaping.  The route from Trojan Park (Etzel and Skinker) in Wellston to St. Vincent County Park has been established and engineering is in the preliminary stages.  In 2017, our team will be evaluating funding opportunities and advancing the design plans on this route that will connect Forest Park to the University of Missouri-St. Louis!

Busch Greenway

In August, a boardwalk in the Busch Greenway between the Duckett Creek Trailhead and KATY Trail was damaged and is temporarily closed. In December, our board approved funding for repairs and we are working towards a signed contract with a construction firm. While repairs will be weather dependent, we are still targeting a spring 2017 reopening. We can’t wait to get this greenway reopened so you can enjoy this beautiful connection for walking and riding bikes! In the meantime, there are still four more miles of greenway from Duckett Creek to Busch Conservation Area.