Mississippi Greenway

Cliff Cave Park

The Mississippi Greenway project in Cliff Cave County Park is moving forward! Great Rivers Greenway and St. Louis County Parks are very grateful for the high degree of engagement on this project – thank you to all who have shared their support, concerns and perspectives. Click here for more information about the current status of the project.

The first step will be to remove the trees before the endangered bats emerge from hibernation in the nearby cave. Learn more about the bats here! Thank you for your patience and input and we will continue to provide updates throughout construction. As always, contact us anytime with questions.

Cliff Cave Park in the Mississippi Greenway offers stunning views of the Mississippi atop rocky bluffs that tower 170 feet over the river. It lies within one of the most naturally diverse plant and animal communities in the region, offering rocky, droughty hillsides as well as woodlands and wetlands.

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Getting Here

You can get to this greenway on Telegraph Road in south St. Louis County.

Each greenway is managed in cooperation with different municipalities and parks departments, who set the rules for greenway use, parking and hours of operation. Greenways often span multiple municipalities, so please be aware that these rules can change as you travel along the trail. Please be sure to follow all posted rules and regulations while you are living life outside!

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This greenway is not accessible via bus.

This greenway is not accessible via Metrolink.

You can park in Cliff Cave County Park.

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Trail Info

4.6 Miles

The Mississippi Trail is a 4.6-mile paved, loop asphalt trail that circles the floodplain bottomland. There is very little shade, so be sure to bring water during the summer months. You can walk, run or ride along the trail and enjoy views of the Mississippi River.

This is a quiet, rural place to enjoy nature.  After a snowstorm, this area is perfect for cross country skiing.

There are two other unpaved trails in this section of greenway, the flat, 1-mile River Bluff Trail that offers an outstanding view of the river and surrounding valley from atop the bluff. You can also explore the 3-mile, moderately hilly Spring Valley Trail. All three trails are within Cliff Cave Park.