Western Greenway Master Plan

Learn about the current status and future plans for the Western Greenway

Master Plan

The Master Plan for the Western Greenway seeks to connect the Meramec and Missouri River Greenways in western St. Louis County. This will link together the thousands of acres of public open space that lie within these greenways—Babler State Park, Rockwoods Reservation, and Greensfelder County Park.

Current Status

The greenway currently extends between Rockwoods Reservation and the Meramec Greenway at Glencoe. Great Rivers Greenway partnered with the City of Wildwood, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the Missouri Department of Conservation, and St. Louis County Department of Parks to determine the most feasible routes for greenway connections and expansion.

Projects In Progress

There are no current projects at this time.

Future Connections

Plans for a 1.25 mile connection (paved) in Babler Park to Wild Horse Creek Road are complete and have received cultural and environmental approval from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. This project is ready for bidding but has not yet been funded for construction.