Great Rivers Greenway wants you to be a Greenway Advisor

Help grow the greenways by volunteering your thoughts and opinions!

We need your help to better understand the challenges and opportunities as we continue to grow our network of greenways throughout the St. Louis region!

Our staff, vendors and partners have a lot of knowledge and expertise, but nothing beats the experiences of people who are out using the greenways regularly. With that in mind, Great Rivers Greenway seeks to proactively engage people across the entire St. Louis region through the creation of interest-based groups of Greenway Advisors.

Since the greenways are regional assets that might be used by anyone from any part of our region for a wide variety of purposes, this program has been designed to reach people by activity, rather than neighborhood. We understand that different types of greenway users have different needs, wants and likes. A person riding a bike, for instance, may not have much use for benches, but a person on foot might appreciate a few shady places to rest along the way.

Some of the things we may ask you to weigh-in on include:

  • Design elements for future greenway projects
  • Possible greenway repairs or improvements
  • Amenities – like water fountains, benches or restrooms
  • Program opportunities
  • Marketing campaign ideas

Because we respect your time as much as we respect your opinions, we are not asking for Greenway Advisors to make a huge time commitment. These volunteer positions will be very flexible!

Activities may include:

  • Conference calls
  • Online surveys
  • Online presentations
  • Demonstrations
  • In-person get togethers

You will be able to participate in as many, or as few, of these activities as your schedule will allow.

 If you would like to become a Greenway Advisor, simply fill out the form below, and let us know how you use the greenways!