Chouteau Steering Committee & Working Groups

As the project moved beyond the competition, the committees evolved as well. Critical to success was the idea of having a diversity of voices at the table, so guiding the project through this Framework Plan was a Steering Committee and four Working Groups around the topics of Design, Development and Construction, Economic Development, Equity and Governance. These 125 individuals cover a wide array of people including technical advisors, neighbors, funders, community leaders and partners. The groups aim to reflect the demographics of the city and include representation from all 20 neighborhoods in the project footprint. We also curated an Artists of Color Council to support the art and engagement work throughout the project. All of these individuals have shared of their time and knowledge to inform both Great Rivers Greenway and the project team. They’ve shaped the ideas and recommendations in this plan, providing welcome push back, edits, opportunities and connections. Projects like this do not work without people being willing to share their perspectives and come to consensus – thank you to all who have served the region in this way so far.

Join us in thanking these individuals for their time and talent:  (** indicates a co-chair of that group)

Yemi Akande-Bartsch
Rodney Boyd
Cindy Brinkley
Rodney Crim
Alison Ferring
Steven Harris**
Erica Henderson
Lesley Hoffarth
Derek Laney
Katie Lappe
Jim Mann**
Linda Martinez
Adnan Omeragic
Deborah Patterson
Gregory Patterson
Melissa Paz
Brian Phillips
Gilberto Pinela
Emily Pulitzer
Don Roe
Will Ross
Jonathan Smith
Lisa Suggs
Hank Webber
Mike Whittle
Otis Williams
Lester Woods

Pacia Anderson
Urana Ballard
Matt Bernstine
Arjun Bhat
Tracy Boaz
Rich Bradley
Mary Chandler
Lois Conley
Paul Fendler
Michelle Forneris
Chris Goodson
Imran Hanafi
Ametra Harris
Lesley Hoffarth**
Nicholas Hoffman
Gavin Kroeber
Michael Lucido
Ronaldo Luna
Lisa Melandri
David Newburger
Adnan Omeragic**
Deborah Patterson
Melissa Paz
Don Roe
Felicia Shaw
Steve Sobo
Brian Temple
Jay Watson

Abdul-Kaba Abdullah
Dustin Allison
Kevin Bryant
Audrey Ellerman
Liza Farr
April Ford Griffin
Brooks Goedeker
Karl Guenther
Karin Hagaman
Garrick Hamilton
Erica Henderson**
Mike Holmes
Brian Hurd
Missy Kelley
John Langa
Karen Levernez
Dennis Lower
Sal Martinez
Brian Phillips**
Carolyn Seward
Esther Shin
Otis Williams

Yemi Akande-Bartsch**
Tamar Brown
Charles Bryson
Glenn Burleigh
Jenny Connelly-Bowen
Andy Crossett
Nerishka Cruz
Darren Jackson
Ro Kicker
Vin Ko
LaShana Lewis
Ryan McClure
Kimberly McKinney
Bradley Naert
Rudy Nickens
Ralph Pfremmer
Gilberto Pinela**
Alex Roberts
AJ Sander
Lucas Signorelli
Julianne Stone
Rikki Takeyama Menn
Katy Thomas

Merelyn Becker
Michael J. Browning
Bill Carson
Ken Franklin
Ed Hassinger
Phil Hulse
Bill Kuehling
Linda Martinez**
Stephanie Mickles
Marian Nunn
Steve O’Loughlin
Sheila Rendon
Steve Smith
Lucie Springmeyer
Jason Terry
Monique Williams
Rosie Willis
Lester Woods**