Meramec Greenway

Meramec Greenway: George Winter Park to Unger Park and Emmenegger Park

George Winter Park is closed due to flooding (May 24, 2024)

Exciting News! Beginning in June, crews will begin removing old signs and installing new wayfinding and interpretive signs along the Meramec Greenway between George Winter and Unger Parks. They will also point people to the new walking and biking path on the I-44 bridge.Right now, there are some sections of this greenway that are not clearly marked and can be confusing for greenway visitors. The new signs will make it easier for everyone to navigate this greenway between both parks and destinations along the way.

This work will not require any greenway closures and is expected to be wrapped up in the fall of 2024.

This section of the Meramec Greenway stretches between Unger Park where the river makes a sharp turn south all the way to George Winter Park. There are scenic river views and plenty of recreational green spaces to explore and enjoy along the way. It connects neighborhoods, a light industrial park, parks, a golf course and historic Old Towne Fenton as it meanders through southwest St. Louis County. There is also a new walking and biking connection over the Meramec River that connects to Emmenegger Nature Park in Kirkwood. It connects with this greenway on the Fenton side at the intersection of Yarnell and Rudder Rd.
Click here to download a printable Greenway Info Guide for the Meramec Greenway: George Winter Park to Unger Park.

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Getting Here

The trailhead at George Winter Park is located near the intersection of Highway 141 and Highway 30. If you live nearby, you may be able to walk to this greenway.

Each greenway is managed in cooperation with different municipalities and parks departments, who set the rules for greenway use, parking and hours of operation. Greenways often span multiple municipalities, so please be aware that these rules can change as you travel along the trail. Please be sure to follow all posted rules and regulations while you are living life outside!

Click one of the buttons below to plan your route with Google Maps. Note that the parking lot at the trailhead on Stoneywood Drive across the street from Emmeneger Park is opened daily at 7am and closed at 9pm. You can access the walking and biking bridge via the greenway at anytime, but you will not be able to park at this trailhead outside of these hours.

If you’re not too far from this greenway, you may be able to connect to it on your bike. Click one of the buttons above to plan your route with Google Maps.

Plan your trip with Metro here.

You cannot access this greenway via Metrolink.

Click on the “Plan your Route” buttons to see parking locations!

Things To Do

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Trail Info

5.12 Miles

This 5.1-mile paved trail connects two popular St. Louis County Parks: George Winter and Unger Park. It is flat, with both shade and sun, and offers scenic views of the Meramec River. Please note that a portion of this trail goes off road for cyclists; people who are walking or running can use a sidewalk.
In between the two county parks, you will find Fenton City Park, Riverside Golf Course and Sunset Hills’ Minnie HaHa Park.
If you are heading towards George Winter Park: The paved trail ends southeast of the Highway 30 bridge near Old Towne Fenton at the intersection of Water and Mound streets. People who are walking can remain on the sidewalk. There is not a lot of traffic in this part of Fenton, so most people on bikes will feel comfortable riding on the street for a few blocks to connect to the next section of trail that goes to George Winter Park. Stay on Water Street until you get to Old Gravois, look to your left and you will see a Bridge going over the Meramec River, there is a separated path for people who are walking or riding bikes that will take you to Minnie HaHa Park.
To go to George Winter Park, you need to cross Old Gravois to get to Opps Street, which is across the street and slightly to the left of Water Street. There is a Metropolitan Sewer District Plant straight ahead, and City of Fenton signage that will direct you toward the trail that leads to George Winter Park. You will see it on your left.
If you are heading toward Unger Park from George Winter Park (slightly northwest): The trail will end near a Metropolitan Sewer District plant. Continue towards Old Gravois Road (which is visible ahead). You will see a Meramec Greenway sign. Cross the road and follow Water Street until you get to the intersection of Mound and Water streets where the off-road, paved trail begins again. The trail is off road from this point all the way to Unger Park.